Lim Chang-min, Experienced in Winning the Title After Being in Last Place for 2 Years

Lim Chang-min, experienced in winning the title after being in last place for 2 years,

“Juniors, don’t forget how you feel right now”

On the 19th, Gocheok Lotte won the team’s victory and recorded 20 saves

in the season for the first time in 6 years

Lim Chang-min

Lim Chang-min (36, Kiwoom Heroes), who has gone

through all the hardships and is burning a flame at the end of his career in his hometown team,

set a meaningful record against the Gocheok Lotte Giants on the 19th.

He pitched in the ninth inning, finished one inning with three batters,

and kept his team to a 5-2 victory, harvesting his 20th save.

Lim Chang-min, who was released from the Doosan Bears last season

and wore a Kiwoom uniform ahead of this season,

greeted the opening with a bullpen victory group,

but now he is doing great as the main firefighter who locks the team’s back door.

It is the first time in six years since 2017 (29 saves)

that Lim Chang-min has earned more than 20 saves in a season.

After the Game

After the game, Lim Chang-min said, “I want to praise myself for holding on until I made 20 saves.

The team is in a difficult situation, but even if I am shaken,

I maintain my grades thanks to the team’s trust in me.”

Regarding the fact that he made 20 saves again in six years,

he said, “I was young then, and it felt like I did something on my own.

Now, people around me help me a lot. 온라인카지노

On the bench, he relieves the burden and gains synergy thanks to the help of his juniors.”

Even if it is a successful season for Lim Chang-min as an individual,

when looking at the team, it is impossible to say such things.

Kiwoom actually pressed the button to rebuild power

by trading domestic ace Choi Won-tae as Lee Jung-hoo was also injured while the team was injured.

The performance was not so good that the two consecutive wins

with the victory over Lotte on this day were the first consecutive wins in August.

Lim Chang-min told his juniors, “The experience of enduring when you lose is also very important.

If you overcome the difficult times now,

you will come back explosively later.

I want to tell my juniors not to forget how they feel now.”

Lim Chang-min had a similar experience at his former team, NC.

NC Dinos

NC, which was at the bottom of the league in 2018,

won its first Korean Series championship in 2020, just two years later.

Lim Chang-min’s experience is invaluable to Kiwoom,

who needs to complete the rebuilding as quickly as possible and rise to the top.

Lim Chang-min added, “I tell my juniors a lot, ‘Let’s endure a little bit of time now,

develop ourselves, and try not to experience this again (like the lowest rank)'”

To Lim Chang-min, Kiwoom is his family’s team.

After being drafted in the second round by the Hyundai Unicorns in 2008,

Chang minmade his first-team debut for the Heroes in 2009.

He played until 2012, and after changing his uniform to the NC Dinos through a trade,

he was reborn as the league’s leading bullpen pitcher.

Lim Chang-min smiled, “It’s a very comfortable team.

I know a lot of people.

I often think about what it would have been like if I had been on this team when I was a little younger.”

Lim Chang-min’s wishes for the rest of the season are focused on the team, not the individual.

He said, “From the middle of the season, our team’s bullpen pitchers are having a hard time.

Like Domino, it’s a difficult time for everyone psychologically.

If a turnaround occurs, there are many players with sufficient qualities in our team, so I’m looking forward to it.”

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