Guardiola If we had Spent Money Like Chelsea

Guardiola: If we had spent money like Chelsea, we would have been under scrutiny

“Chelsea has spent 1.4 trillion won on player recruitment since last summer”

“If we did… we would have died.”

Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City (hereinafter referred to as Man City),

the ‘defending champion’ 토토사이트 of the English professional football Premier League,

has paid a whopping £323 million (approximately 1.4 trillion won) for player recruitment this season. 52.7 billion won),

referring to Chelsea, who poured in more than 52.7 billion won,

and criticized the negative gaze towards Man City.


According to the BBC on the 19th (Korean time), Guardiola said at an official press conference

held ahead of the 2023-2024 Premier League second round scheduled for the 20th,

“If Manchester City had spent money like Chelsea,

it would have been subject to unimaginable scrutiny.”

Chelsea bought Southampton midfielder Romeo Rabia the day

before for a transfer fee of 53 million pounds (approximately 90.5 billion won).

As a result, Chelsea has been aggressively recruiting players since Tev Boerley,

co-owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers of the US Major League Baseball (MLB),

took over as the owner in May of last year.

According to the BBC, since last summer,

Chelsea have spent more than 850 million pounds (about 1.4527 trillion won) on player acquisitions.

In addition, Chelsea spent £323 million (552 billion won) on eight players in the transfer market this summer,

recording the highest transfer fee spend (£292 million) by Real Madrid (Spain) in 2019. has renewed

“All I want to say is, ‘If we spent like Chelsea, we’d be dead’,” said Guardiola.

“Chelsea have an easier time spending money than we

do. I have no intention of criticizing them,” he added.

Man City

Man City has grown by investing a lot of money since Sheikh Mansour,

a wealthy man from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), took over as owner in 2008.

However, Manchester City, on the contrary, was investigated by the Premier League Secretariat for 115 financial violations, and in 2020,

it was also investigated by the European Football Federation (UEFA) for financial fair play rules (FFP).

For this reason, Manager Guardiola thinks that Manchester City has come to pay attention to the money invested in recruiting players relatively.

“Man City have always spent a fair amount on players,” said Guardiola.

I am writing,” he said, raising his voice.

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