Swim the Seine River and Jump on Alexandre III’s Legs

Swim the Seine River and jump on Alexandre III’s legs… Olympic test event

Passed the water quality test and competed normally in the women’s triathlon

65 iron men jumped into the Seine River in Paris, France.

The Paris 2024 Olympic Organizing Committee and the World Triathlon Federation

held an individual triathlon women’s individual test event on the Seine River in Paris, France on the 17th.

The men’s division will be held on the 18th, the mixed relay race will be held on the 19th.

The Organizing Committee that hosts the Olympics,

in consultation with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and International Federations (IF) for each event,

holds a test event at the stadium where the actual Olympic games

are held one year before the opening of the Olympics to check the way the competition is conducted. 카지노사이트

Open Water Swimming Test

The open water swimming test event scheduled to be held on the Seine River on the 5th and 6th was canceled due to ‘water quality deterioration’.

At the time, the International Swimming Federation explained the reason for the cancellation,

saying, “After recent heavy rains in Paris, the water quality of the Seine River has remained below acceptable standards to protect the health of swimmers.”

Organizing Committee

Afterwards, the Paris Olympic Organizing Committee said,

“We will definitely prove that the Olympic Games can be held on the Seine River.”

“In late July and early August of this year, there was an unusually heavy rain in Paris.

Under normal weather, the water quality of the Seine River passed the standard level,” he explained.

Since the open water swimming test event was canceled due to poor water quality,

the organizers’ will to hold the triathlon test event was strong.

The organizing committee said, “The triathlon event will be an important starting point to prove that ‘the Seine River is a place where you can swim’.”

World Triathlon Federation

The World Triathlon Federation said, “We tested the water quality of the Seine River

several times a day before the start of the women’s competition.” prepared,” he said.

Prior to the game on the 17th, the water quality of the Seine River was ‘at a level suitable for competition’

65 out of 67 people who expressed their intention to participate in the women’s individual event actually participated in the game.

The event was held in the order of 1,500m swimming, 40km cycling and 10km running according to the Olympic rules for individual events.

Beth Porter (Great Britain) recorded 1 hour 51 minutes 40 seconds in a race that swam across the Seine River and cut the final tape at the Alexandre III Bridge, beating Cassandre Borg (France) who finished the race in 1 hour 51 minutes 56 seconds to win.

“I enjoyed every moment today,” Porter told the BBC.

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