[Women’s World Cup] Canadian players who wanted ‘equal prize money for men and women’ reach tentative deal on treatment

ADELAIDE (Reuters) – The Canadian women’s national team at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup have concluded talks with their national governing body that had been aiming for the same prize money and treatment as the men’s team. The players were not promised the level of treatment they had hoped for, but have taken a step back to focus on the World Cup .The women’s national team released a statement on the Canadian Soccer Players’ Association Twitter account on Monday (Aug. 28), saying, “We reached a tentative agreement with our national association on Aug. 24 to receive compensation for 2023, including prize money from this World Cup. “They emphasized that while they had finalized the deal, it was still “insufficient. “Due to the federation’s financial situation, we were forced to choose between (support) funds to maintain our training camps and compensation (to the athletes),” the athletes explained.”It was impossible for us to get a reasonable compensation for the success of our (women’s) team in this tournament, while also getting the same promises of treatment and benefits as the men’s team. “No details were released on how much money the players will receive from the World Cup, or how it will be distributed.” We are very disappointed that a more complete agreement could not be reached at this crucial stage,” the players said, adding, “This is not the end. We are committed to finding a long-term solution to ensure that both we and the men’s national team are treated fairly and equally.” “Our team is focused on soccer right now,” he said, adding that he would not comment further on the matter until after the World Cup. Canada is a women’s soccer powerhouse that won the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in 2021.At the tournament, Canada (2 goals) is in second place in Group B with one win and one draw, behind Nigeria (3 goals).The women’s team and the federation, whose existing agreement expires at the end of 2021, have been negotiating over whether they will be paid the same as the men’s team at major tournaments such as the World Cup .Players have also demanded that the federation sportstotozonecom release details of its contract with Canadian Soccer Business (CSB), the for-profit organization that handles national team broadcast rights and sponsorships. They also claim that budget cuts have reduced support for the women’s team.I n addition to the women’s team, the men’s team is also in a tug-of-war with the CSB by forming its own players’ association. The Canadian Men’s National Team Players Association released a statement on June 26, accusing the organization and CSB of using the Women’s World Cup to create an unfair deal. “This is shocking. We have not been paid a single cent for our participation in the World Cup in Qatar, which took place eight months ago.” Canada reportedly received $9 million in prize money from FIFA for its participation in the World Cup in Qatar. The men’s players specifically pointed to CSB’s unauthorized use of national team games, player images, and sponsor revenue for commercial purposes, and called for a review of the federation’s contract with CSB, which runs through 2037.

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