Coach Hwang Hee-chan’s ‘transfer budget of 0 won’ is frustrated “Give me some money to recruit players!”

Wolverhampton is known to be suffering from extreme financial difficulties. “Wolverhampton are having a very difficult summer. As the club tries to balance their finances, the future of manager Julen Lopetegui is in doubt. “I was frustrated when I was notified that the transfer budget would be severely limited ahead of my first full season in the EPL.”

Currently, Wolverhampton is in a situation where they need to be very careful with their accounts. EPL clubs are evaluated with an accounting book every three years to meet revenue and sustainability. If the club’s finances are shaken through the account book, it will be disciplined by the league secretariat. The level of punishment is highly likely to vary depending on the club’s books.

Wolverhampton is known to have lost 45 million pounds (about 74 billion won) in the 2020-21 season and 60 million to 70 million pounds (about 98.7 to 115.2 billion won) in the 2021-22 season. The three-year maximum deficit allowed by the EPL secretariat is 150 million pounds (approximately 172.8 billion won), which Wolverhampton has already exceeded. In other words, it is a situation where profits of more than 10 million pounds (about 16.4 billion won) must be made this year.

It is very difficult to make money in a professional club. This is because a lot of money is needed for player salaries and transfer fees. This is because the goal is to improve grades by spending money as much as possible, not a structure in which soccer is played to earn money.

Wolverhamt has made a huge recruitment over the past four seasons, but most of them have failed. They invested a lot of money to bring in Gonzalo Guedes, Fabio Silva, Matheus Núñez, and Matheus Cunha, but most of them failed. Because they did not expect Corona 19 to explode, Wolverhampton boldly spent money, but it did not produce that much, and as the spectator revenue plummeted, there was a problem with the book.

As a result, it is known that Wolverhampton cannot recruit new players without selling them. ‘Telegraph’ said, “All clubs are trembling in fear as Manchester City and Everton were prosecuted by the EPL secretariat last season. We are taking a ‘worst-case scenario’ position,” he explained why Wolverhampton were over-tightening their belts.

Since Wolverhampton struggled in the relegation zone last season, coach Lopetegui wants to recruit players. However, the lack of money made it impossible to recruit new players. The media expressed, “Coach Lopetegui is not happy and does not believe that the current squad is suitable for the EPL. Wolverhampton has the best manager in history, but it is a strange situation where they cannot properly support him.”

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