Manchester United’s legend of practicing shooting without the knowledge of employees

The legend of Manchester United, David Beckham. Beckham ended his playing career with Paris Saint-Germain on 13 May 2013. It was about 10 years and 2 months ago.

Beckham is now approaching 50 years of age. The 48-year-old Beckham showed off his impeccable free-kick skills, and ‘comeback rumors’ are spreading fast.. The 48-year-old Beckham showed off his impeccable free-kick skills, and ‘comeback rumors’ are spreading fast.

  • David Beckham announced a comeback, proving that he is still not losing his magical free-kick ability.

Looking at the released video, fans were literally startled by Beckham’s free kick ability. It’s hard to believe that Beckham is 48 years old, and he boasts accuracy. In fact, Beckham is the co-owner of Inter Miami, but he is not just a form owner. He occasionally sneaks in and plays with the ball himself while the players are training at his home stadium, DRV PNK Stadium. He could be mistaken for a Miami player if he was only dressed in training clothes.

Beckham practiced free kicks at the home stadium during the time when the players were not there. I put the goalkeeper in a sunny downpour and hit a shot from outside the penalty box. The ball curled right into the top left corner of the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper kicked himself, but it flew into space where his hands were out of reach.

If you look at the article, of course, the free kick was done for practice, so the players in front did not build a wall. The distance is outside the penalty box. kicked with right foot

In a perfect free-kick demonstration, Beckham captioned the video he posted on social media. “I think I’ll have to come back”…

There were people who liked him more than Beckham. They are Beckham fans. There was an uproar. Fans went crazy over this video. Some fans even compared him to Lionel Messi, who scored a free kick goal in his Inter Miami debut. Fans poured out numerous compliments, such as “This is Lionel Beckham”, “The King of Free Kicks” and “The Real GOAT”.

Meanwhile, Beckham is having a good day after Messi’s signing. In the League Cup 2023 match against Cruz Azul held at home stadium on the 21st, before Messi’s debut, Messi scored a free kick, a theatrical goal, and hugged his wife, Victoria Beckham, and shed tears.

He was also happy when Messi scored 2 goals and 1 assist in a 4-0 victory over Atlanta United in the MLS match. He is the owner of David Beckham, who is in the spotlight as much as Messi due to the hard work of Messi.

Prior to this, Beckham was in tears at Messi’s inauguration ceremony held on the 17th. Beckham, who entered with Messi, handed Messi a pink jersey with the number 10 on it. After Messi’s impressions of joining, the two hugged deeply.

“It is an emotional night,” Beckham said. The long-held dream of bringing Messi to Inter Miami has finally come true. Thank you everyone,” he said, shaking his hand.

David Beckham showed off his rust free kick skills. Fans cheered for him to come back.

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