Seoul E Signs Official Agreement With ‘Healthcare Brand’ Evini…Sponsorship of care products

Seoul E-Land has signed a sponsorship agreement with Iverny Co., Ltd., a healthcare brand.

Seoul E-Land announced that it held a sponsorship agreement ceremony for athletes care products at Mok-dong Stadium, attended by Lee Jun-seok, CEO of Iverny, and Kim Byeong-kwon, CEO of Seoul E-Land.

With this agreement, Iverny Co., Ltd. will sponsor Spogard knee protectors, calf protectors, and Iverny calf-shaped taping compression bands (hereinafter referred to as Iverny compression bands) to the Seoul E-Land team.

Iverny Co., Ltd. is a healthcare brand that produces care products that can easily manage the condition of athletes through taping and pressure through collaboration with other brands with excellent product quality as well as the best technology and patents.

Iverny Co., Ltd.’s representative product ‘Spogard’ knee pads are produced in an ultra-slim form approaching 1mm, designed not to cause discomfort in athletes’ training and daily life, and ergonomic silicon taping patterns are inserted, which is evaluated as excellent for preventing injuries and protecting the body.

In particular, they are putting great effort into local activities, such as providing ivory pressure bands that help improve blood circulation to the students of Ewha Womans University’s women’s soccer clubs ‘FC Sosial’, ‘FC Kok’, and ‘FC Soccer Education Department’ who participated in the Seoul E-Land Smile School held at Ewha Womans University on the 28th of last month as well as the athletes.

Lee Joon-seok, CEO of Iverny Co., Ltd., said, “I am overwhelmed to be of any help to Seoul E-Land, a corporate club based in Seoul, which shows sticky play and distinctive football.” I look forward to winning and playing an active part in the league.”

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