‘Kanna’ recruitment a success… DePlus Kia records first win over DRX

Plus Kia wins the opening game against DRX. Plus Kia’s top laner ‘Kanna‘ made his debut with a strong presence in the second set, following up his first.

The second set also started well for the team. They overcame a disadvantage in the bottom 2:2 lane battle and got a kill, and a mid lane gank for a kill. However, they were unable to take the game as quickly as they did in game one, as their first herald was stolen by opposing jungler Maokai “Croco” Maokai. DRX also had the advantage of building two stacks first.

The game was decided on a single hit on the third dragon. DRX was bunched up to hit the dragon, and DePlus Kia had their opponent surrounded. Kanna’s nar dropped over the opponent’s dealer line, giving Plus Kia a big win. With this kill, DePlus Kia broke their opponent’s dragon stack and gained a gold advantage.

Several objective battles took place. Plus Kia clearly showed their dominance over DRX in these engagements. DRX somehow managed to stay in the game thanks to Rascal, but it looked very close. With the Baron in hand, 토토사이트 DePlus Kia used their strength advantage to force their opponents back to the main lane, where they destroyed the nexus and took the opening game.

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