Scream Thug-certified DePlus Kia wins first set over DRX

The winners of the opening game of the 2023 LCK Spring were the DePlus Gia. The team proved the rumors about their scrim performance, sweeping DRX.

DePlus Kia played Ellis in the jungle position. This was meant to give them an early advantage. DRX, on the other hand, picked Jerry-Yumi on the bottom lane to provide more late-game carries. To capitalize on their Ellis pick, the team was very aggressive in the early game, picking up a kill and a Herald in the first Gorge Herald battle.

With the momentum in their favor, they picked up the pace. Kim “Canyon” Gun-boo’s Ellis successfully bottom ganked and released a messenger in the mid lane to increase the gold gap. The top lane saw a solo kill from ‘Kanna’, and the bottom lane saw a kill from ‘Deft’ in a 2v2 engagement. The game quickly tilted in favor of Plus Kia as they scored back-to-back kills.

Plus Kia pushed DRX away with a flurry of kills. From dragon kills to small-scale skirmishes, the scoreboard rang with each battle. 고스톱 A desperate DRX hit the Baron, and DePlus Giants chased it down and landed an ace. With the Baron in hand, DePlus Kia destroyed the Nexus and took game one.

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