Favorite’s performance at T1, first set win over Genji

T1 won the first set against Genji eSports in the opening match. They overcame an early disadvantage and showed the beauty of their operations.

Genji Esports picked up Xanthe on pick three in the ban pick phase and immediately banned Fiora. It was a ban pick strategy that allowed them to utilize Xanthe’s weakness against Fiora. They then used Ellis to speed up the game.

In-game, Genji Esports continued to play at a fast pace. Han “Peanut” Wang-ho got a kill on Xanthe with a top dive and followed it up with a bottom dive. T1 struggled with Genji’s fast tempo, but their strong operational skills kept them ahead of the game.

With ZENGE Esports building on their early advantage and two stacks of dragons, the Hantar phase began in earnest. High-level operations and battles for objects ensued from both teams. Despite the back-to-back battles, the balance was not easily tipped. By the 30-minute mark, T1 was leading in gold and Genji Esports was ahead in dragon three-stacks.

T1 showed the advantage of having been playing together for a long time. The longer the game went on, the less Zenith Esports could keep up with T1. 한국야동 T1 gradually took control of the game and ended the game with a big kill in front of Baron. It was a great performance from the favorites.

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