Murderous tackle + ridiculous Hollywood…Mourinho insists “100% dive”

Borussia Dortmund’s title hopes began to unravel at this point.

Real Madrid won the 2023-2024 European Champions League (UCL) final against Borussia Dortmund 2-0 on Sunday at Wembley Stadium in London, England. The victory was Real’s 15th UCL title in history.

Amidst Real’s glorious history, there is one player who has been criticized. This is Vinicius, the player who helped Real win their 15th UCL title and who has been criticized as a possible candidate for the Ballon d’Or.

The first time he was criticized was in the 40th minute. He received the ball on the left and tried to launch a counterattack. He tried to take advantage of the flow of the ball and move forward. Julian Luegersson was behind him and Mats Hummels was on his flank to stop him.

Hummels puts his foot out to stop Vinicius with a tackle, but when Vinicius loses control of the ball, he folds his foot and slips. Hummels never made contact with Vinicius, who suddenly went down in a heap. He grabbed his right ankle, complaining of intense pain and appealed to the referee. The referee called a foul.

At this point, Dortmund center back Nico Schlatterback protested the referee’s decision. His argument was that it wasn’t a foul because Vinicius was doing a Hollywood move. Luegersson hit Vinicius’ right ankle, but Vinicius went down on his left foot first. However, the referee then pointed to Schlotterback, not Vinicius.

Appearing on the TNT Sports panel in the UK, Jose Mourinho said: “It’s a dive. It’s a dive, no doubt about it. But Niko Schlotterbeck 카지노 complained to the referee and he gave him a warning. He was warned, but he knew for sure that Vinicius had dived,” Mourinho claimed.

As it turns out, if Vinicius had been warned at this point, the outcome of the game could have been very different. Vinicius had already been cautioned. In the 35th minute, Vinicius made an unnecessarily harsh tackle on goalkeeper Gregor Kovel while pressing him.

The tackle was aimed at the ankle after Kovel had already passed the ball. The tackle was clearly intentional. The goalkeeper fell heavily and was in a lot of pain. When Dortmund players such as Marcel Zabitzer had a word with Vinicius, he shouted at 바카라사이트 Zabitzer and acted as if he hadn’t done anything wrong.

After the referee had sorted out the situation, he gave Vinicius a warning. If Vinicius had already received a second booking for diving, he would have been sent off and Dortmund would have had a numerical advantage.

Playing with 11 and 10 men doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the 11-man team will win, but it would have at least put the game in a more favorable environment. Dortmund should be even more disappointed that Vinicius scored the game-winning goal.


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