Korea’s professional soccer ‘salary king’ is MVP Kim Young-kwon with 1.5 billion won Jeonbuk, No. 1 in ransom

The total annual salary is highest in the following order: Jeonbuk-Ulsan-Seoul-Jeju.

In the professional soccer K-League, the domestic player who received the highest salary last year was Kim Young-kwon (Ulsan), who was selected as the Most Valuable Player (MVP).

According to the player salary expenditures of 12 K-League 1 and 12 K-League 2 clubs for the 2023 season released by the Korea Professional Football League on the 4th, the highest annual salary among domestic players was Kim Young-kwon, who received 1.53 billion won.

Kim Young-kwon is a key defender and contributed greatly to Ulsan’s second consecutive victory in the K League 1 (First Division). He also won his first MVP award.

Kim Young-kwon was followed by Jeonbuk Hyundai’s Kim Jin-soo (1.42 billion won), Ulsan’s Cho Hyun-woo (1.3 billion won), Jeonbuk’s Hong Jeong-ho (1.17 billion won), and Suwon FC’s Lee Seung-woo (1.11 billion won).

Among foreign players, the 1st to 5th highest annual salaries are Daegu Sejingya (KRW 1.55 billion), Ulsan Bako (KRW 1.52 billion), Jeonbuk Gustavo (KRW 1.46 billion), Incheon Gerso (KRW 1.41 billion), and Incheon Um. Poku (1.32 billion won).

Last year, the total annual salary spent by all K League 1 clubs was 138,567,123,000 won.

By club, Jeonbuk had the highest at 19,876,770,000 won. Next, Ulsan spent 18,340,731,000 won, Seoul spent 13,239,655,000 won, and Jeju spent 11,921,660,000 won. 카지노사이트

The average annual salary per player in K League 1 is 295,452,000 won. The average annual salary per person for domestic players was 231,588,000 won, and the average annual salary per person for foreign players was 775,351,000 won.

The average annual salary per player by club was highest in Ulsan at 577,661,000 won. Jeonbuk followed with 408.406 million won, and Jeju followed with 384.976 million won.

The total annual salary of the 12 K League 2 clubs is 46,855,808,000 won. The average annual salary per person is 108,546,000 won.

Busan I-Park spent the most, 5,914,673,000 won.

The annual salary was calculated based on the actual payment amount plus the basic salary and various allowances (player allowance, victory allowance, attack point allowance, and other options, etc.). Gimcheon Sangmu, a military team member, was excluded.

The subjects of the calculation are all players who have been registered with each club at least once during the entire 2023 season. 카지노사이트존

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