‘Going to SD’ Go Woo-seok “I will not disappoint your expectations” LG “Cheering for new challenges”

Cha Myeong-seok signs a 2+1 year contract with San Diego worth up to $7 million,
“I hope to become an MLB player representing our country”

Ko Woo-seok (26, San Diego Padres), who achieved his dream of advancing to the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB), expressed his determination to “not go against expectations.”

Go Woo-seok, who knocked on the doors of the big leagues through the posting system, signed a 2+1 year contract worth up to $7 million (about 9.17 billion won) with the San Diego Padres on the 4th (Korean time).

Ko Woo-seok, who started his professional career by joining LG as a first-round pick in 2017, guarded the team’s back door as a closing pitcher. He helped the team win the championship for the first time in 29 years last year and expressed his intention to challenge for the big league.

Go Woo-seok, who has not yet achieved free agent (FA) status, needed permission from the LG club to move to the United States. LG, which had been mulling over the decision, gave conditional approval, saying it would make a final decision based on the size of the contract.

The contract amount proposed by San Diego did not meet the standard initially set by LG. However, LG respected the wishes of Go Woo-seok, who had bigger dreams, and decided to allow him to enter the MLB.

After signing a contract with San Diego, Go Woo-seok said through LG, “I would like to say thank you to LG for opening up the opportunity for me to have great experience in the major league. “I am grateful to the San Diego team for allowing me to begin a new challenge,” he said.

He continued, “I started again with a new mind in a new place. “I will do my best to become a player who lives up to everyone’s expectations with good performance,” he said.
The LG team also supported Go Woo-seok as he took on a new challenge.

LG general manager Myung-seok Cha said, “Woo-seok Go is one of the best closing pitchers in the KBO League. “I think he is competitive enough in the major leagues and will adapt well,” he said. “With his good performance, I hope he will play as a major league player representing our country.” “I support Go Woo-seok’s new challenge,” he said.

LG also left a congratulatory message through the club’s official social network service (SNS).

The club said, “We would like to express our gratitude to Go Woo-seok, who has devoted himself to the team at every moment for the past 7 years since joining the team,” and added, “We will continue to support the brilliant performance of Go Woo-seok, who will embellish the major league mound, the stage of his dreams.” 카지노사이트

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