Go Woo-seok, who achieved his dream of becoming a big leaguer, “I will not go against everyone’s expectations”

Go Woo-seok signed a 2+1 year contract with the San Diego Padres.

Ko Woo-seok (26, San Diego Padres), who achieved his dream of leaving the LG Twins and entering the Major League (MLB), expressed his ambition to live up to expectations.

The San Diego club announced on the 4th (Korean time) that it signed a 2+1 year contract with Go Woo-seok. The club left a message in Korean saying, “Welcome to San Diego, Go Woo-seok.”

According to local media, Go Woo-seok signed a 2+1 year contract with San Diego with $4.5 million (about 5.9 billion won) guaranteed.

Go Woo-seok receives an annual salary of $1.75 million (about 2.3 billion won) for the 2024 season and $2.25 million (about 2.9 billion won) for the 2025 season. If the one-year extension option clause is exercised, he will receive an annual salary of $3 million (about 3.9 billion won) for the 2026 season, and even if the contract is not extended, he will receive $500,000 (about 700 million won).

Go Woo-seok, who joined LG as a first-round pick in 2017, appeared in 354 games until last year and recorded 19 wins, 26 losses, 139 saves, 6 holds, and an ERA of 3.18.

After finishing the season last year, he attempted to advance to the major leagues through the posting system (private competitive bidding), and with the consent of his original team, LG, he wore the San Diego uniform. Go Woo-seok is the first LG player to go straight to the major league.

Go Woo-seok said through the LG club, “I am grateful to the LG Twins for giving me the opportunity to have a great experience in the major league. “I am also grateful to the San Diego team for allowing me to begin a new challenge,” he said of his transfer.

He continued, “I am starting again in a new place with a new mind. “I will become a player who will not disappoint everyone’s expectations with good performance,” he said. 바카라사이트

Ko Woo-seok could potentially make his major league debut in South Korea. San Diego is scheduled to play the official opening two-game series of the Major League Baseball against the LA Dodgers at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on March 20th and 21st.

LG general manager Cha Myeong-seok said, “Go Woo-seok is one of the best closing pitchers in the KBO League. “I think he is competitive enough in the major leagues and will adapt well,” he said. “I look forward to him playing well as a major league player representing our country with good results.” 슬롯

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