Go Woo-seok signs 2-1 year contract with SD Receives $3 million option for 2026 season

Go Woo-seok.

The contract details of Go Woo-seok (26), who will wear the uniform of the Major League Baseball (MLB) San Diego Padres, have been revealed. The basic two years include an extension option for the 2026 season.

The San Diego team announced on the 4th (Korean time), “We have signed a two-year contract with right-handed reliever Ko Woo-seok.” The club left a welcome message in Korean saying, “Welcome to San Diego, Go Woo-seok.”

Previously, local media such as the New York Post, The Athletic, and Fox Sports reported the size of Go Woo-seok’s contract as a two-year contract with a total value of $4.5 million (approximately KRW 5.9 billion).

The contract also has an option clause. According to The Athletic’s reporter Dennis Lin, Go Woo-seok’s contract included a one-year extension option with $4.5 million guaranteed.

Go Woo-seok will receive an annual salary of $1.75 million (about 2.3 billion won) in 2024, his first season in the major leagues. The salary for the 2025 season is $2.25 million (about 2.9 billion won), an increase of $500,000.

An option contract for the 2026 season was also signed, and if Go Woo-seok plays in San Diego for one more year, he will receive $3 million (about 3.9 billion won). If the extension contract option is not exercised, San Diego must pay Go Woo-seok $500,000 (about 700 million won). 카지노사이트랭크

The LG club also received a transfer fee due to Go Woo-seok’s advance into the major league.

A major league team that recruits a KBO League player through posting must pay a transfer fee (posting fee) to the original team.

According to the Korea-US Player Contract Agreement, which was revised in July 2018, if the total contract amount is less than $25 million, 20% of the total amount is charged as a posting fee. Accordingly, LG will receive $900,000 (about 1.2 billion won), which is 20% of $4.5 million.

Initially, LG decided to allow Go Woo-seok to post only if he earned at least an average of $3 million to $4 million per year, but respected the player’s wishes and approved his entry into the major leagues regardless of the contract size. 섯다

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