The gold medal made me want more. “I want to win Lotte next,” says Lee Koo Dong-sung of the gold medal trio.

He won a hard-fought Asian Games gold medal. It made him want to win more with his team, the Lotte Giants.

After returning to Lotte, Hangzhou Asian Games gold medalists Park Se-woong, Nae Kyun-an, Yoon Dong-hee, and Lee Goo-dong said, “I wanted to win more at Lotte.”

After winning an emotional gold medal against Chinese Taipei on July 7, they returned home on the 8th and joined their team, Lotte, at Jamsil Stadium for the game against the LG Twins on the 9th. Before training, they received congratulatory applause from their teammates and trained normally. Park Se-woong pitched out of the bullpen as he was scheduled to start the final home game against the Doosan Bears in Busan on the 11th, while Yoon Dong-hee and Na Kyun-an practiced lightly. Yoon Dong-hee was added to the first-team roster and pinch-hit in the top of the second inning to loud applause from the fans.

With the fond memories of the gold medal behind them, it’s time to get back to Lotte. Unfortunately, while they’ve been on a roll in Hangzhou, China, Lotte have been on the verge of being eliminated from the Top 5. A loss against LG on the 9th would seal their fate.

Still, the team showed determination to do their best until the end of the season. Park Se-woong said, “The players and fans must have had high expectations at the beginning of this season, but we ended up with a disappointing performance. As we are playing in the home final, I want to show the best I can, and I want to come back in good shape next year,” Park said. “When I was in China, I always watched Lotte’s matches after the games,” said Na Kyun-an, “so we have to send a final message that we can do it. We want to give the team and fans the good energy we brought from Hangzhou and finish well.” Yoon Dong-hee added: “This was my first first-team season, and I tried my best in every game. It was a season that showed promise. I’m a professional, so I’ll do my best in the remaining games to win the title.”

When I asked them what they took away from the Asian Games, they all mentioned Lotte’s win.

Park Se-woong said, “I’ve never won a championship in baseball before. The only gold medal was my brother’s (KT Park Se-jin),” he said, adding, “I was happy to bring home the biggest gold medal, and when I won, I realized why it’s good to win. Now that I’ve won an international tournament, I want to win one for Lotte.”

Na Kyun-an also said, “It was my first time winning a gold medal in baseball. I knew the feeling of winning and the players running from the dugout 사설토토 to the field, and I knew why they ran the fastest. I want to feel that feeling again.” “Now I want to taste that feeling at Lotte,” he said, “I want to prepare well for next year and share it with my teammates.

Yoon Dong-hee also said, “It’s good and important to win now, but I feel like I have to do it at Lotte,” adding, “I want to share this feeling with my teammates.”

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