South Korea’s women’s basketball team had Park Ji-soo (25-KB). When South Korea faced North Korea in the women’s basketball bronze medal game at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games on Friday at the Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium in Hangzhou, China, they struggled early on. North Korea, led by 205-centimeter center Park Jin-ah, born in 2003, took a 21-15 lead in the first quarter, and the game remained close after South Korea chipped away in the second .But it was 40-33 at halftime. Thanks in large part to Park Ji-soo, who had 19 points and six rebounds in the first half alone, Korea was able to pull away in the third quarter when Kim Dan-bi (Woori Bank) exploded on offense, eventually winning the bronze medal with a 93-63 victory. Park Ji-soo totaled 25 points, 10 rebounds, and seven assists for a “triple-double” performance that helped South Korea win the bronze medal. After the game, Park said, “I knew it was going to be a tough game. It was difficult in the beginning, but it feels good to have a big win at the end,” Park smiled .”The atmosphere was a bit chaotic in the first half, and everyone seemed to be nervous, but I wasn’t nervous at all,” he said, adding, “I thought I should be more aggressive to keep the center firmly in place.” “When we first met North Korea, we had no video or understanding of them, so it was difficult to know what kind of play they like to do,” Park added, “but once we got to know them, I think it was easier to play because we got to know their tendencies and strengths .North Korea, who we faced in the group stage and bronze medal match, had played with us five years ago at the Jakarta-Palembang Games. Some of the players from that squad were included in both the North and South Korean squads. Park Ji-soo is one of them. “When I got here on the first day, I greeted the North Korean athletes when I met them at the athletes’ village, but I felt like they couldn’t greet me. I saw them smiling behind me, but I felt like they couldn’t greet us,” Park said .”We were one team then, and now we’re the other team, but there’s not much difference. At first, I was happy to 토토사이트 see them, but then I thought they were opponents like China or Japan, so I didn’t feel much.”

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