Chung “Played against Holloway and decided to retire during the match

MBC ‘Radio Star’

Former mixed martial artist Chung Chan-sung has opened up about his sudden retirement after his fight with Max Holloway.

MBC’s “Radio Star,” which airs on March 25 at 10:30 p.m., will feature a special episode titled

“Korean Vitality Zombies” featuring Cho Hye Ryeon, Jung Chan Sung, Kim Ho Young, and Lee Eun Hyung.

Jung shocked fans around the world when he abruptly announced his retirement from the sport after

suffering a knockout loss to featherweight world No. 1 Max Holloway at a UFC event in Singapore in August.

In a recent recording, Chung said he hadn’t thought about retirement before the fight, but as the fight

progressed, he noticed a change in his physical condition. “My mind was fine, but the center of my

body was broken,” he said, explaining that he decided to retire right then.

Immediately after the match, Chung’s wife, who was waiting for him, was in tears and in denial,

saying, “No, no, no,” as he announced his retirement. However, he made the MCs laugh with a

“what’s wrong” joke. He then shared his wife’s 180-degree reaction, which made everyone laugh.

After analyzing his retirement game soberly, his wife told him, “You’ve come a long way.” Afterward,

he said that his wife told him, “You’ve retired well,” suggesting that they are a bickering couple. 19가이드03

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