LG rookies Yoo Yoo-sang and Lee Kang-hyun head to training camp in the Philippines

Draft winner LG brings rookies to training camp in the Philippines.

Changwon LG has been completely transformed by the arrival of head coach Cho Sang-hyun. A team that had been far from the playoffs for some time, LG finished second in the regular season last season and qualified for the best-of-four playoffs. They were stopped in the quarterfinals by an injury to 텍사스홀덤 Asem Marei. They are one of the favorites to make the playoffs again this season.

There’s also luck. Last year, they had the first pick in the KBL rookie draft and selected Yang Jun-seok. This year, with only a 5% chance of being a rotational pick, they were lucky to get the third pick.

We selected Yoo Yoo-sang with the third pick. Lee Kang-hyun, who would have been a mid-to-late first-round pick if the odds were in their favor, was pushed down to the end of the second round. LG, of course, took Lee.

One scout said, “LG liked him a lot. I would have been happy too. They got two first-rounders. It was a blessed draft,” calling LG the biggest winner of the draft.

The rookies joined the team immediately after attending the KBL’s orientation on Feb. 22.

LG is currently training in the Philippines. The team headed to the Philippines on the 20th, and head coach Cho Sang-hyun left the country on the 22nd, a day after the draft.

LG decided to take the rookies to the Philippines as well. According to an LG official, on the 24th, Han Sang-wook and Son Jong-oh, the general secretary of the organization, decided to accompany the rookies to the Philippines.

After selecting the rookies, LG will have many practice games in the Philippines for 30 days to refine their skills.

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