Women’s National Soccer Team Final Arrives…”It’s All About Results”

Women’s soccer team arrives for final…”It’s all about the result”


The Women’s National Soccer Team has arrived in Australia for the finals.

With the focus on their first World Cup group game against Colombia, the team will soon begin acclimatization training.

The focus will be on perfecting their tactics.

Reporter Kwak Jun-young.


The women’s soccer team headed to the ‘Land of the Showdown’ amidst cheers and support from fans.

After arriving in Australia and enjoying a day of rest, the team will begin training in earnest.

The players have to revitalize their physical condition after the trials and high-intensity training and adapt to the local climate.

“Actually, we shouldn’t be in good shape right now. I think we’re about 80% of the way there, so we’ll have two more weeks to build up our stamina to play more…”

The team has been training in the sweltering heat for some time now, in what is known as the ‘Colin Bell Table High Intensity Training’.

With their increased fitness, the Socceroos will now focus on tactical work, including sharpening their attacking blades and speeding up their defensive transitions.

As Bell says, it’s all about results, not process.

“We need to be sharper, we need to refine our tactics, we need to be a team that’s difficult for opponents to play against. Even if the content is bad, it’s all about getting results.”

The team’s morale is higher than ever.

“I think it would be good to go as high as we can go. They call us the ‘golden generation,’ so we’ll try to get some good results to match that.”

The national team will play its final practice test against the Netherlands on Sept. 16 in a closed-door exhibition match before facing Colombia on Sept. 25.

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