Cho Kyu-sung ‘looking for a new challenge’ with Denmark’s Mittwillanser…big league breakthrough?

Cho Kyu-sung, Denmark’s Mittwilanser ‘new challenge’… Will it be a big league step?


South Korean striker Cho Kyu-sung has officially joined Danish side Midtjylland.

His dream of entering the European league has been fulfilled, but there are some soccer fans who are disappointed with his decision to go to the Danish league.

Reporter Jung Ju-hee.


Cho Kyu-sung, who dreamed of entering Europe, went to Denmark.

The Danish club Mittwilan officially announced that they had signed Cho Kyu-sung to a five-year contract, saying, “Our new striker is here.”

They also released a photo of him wearing a Mittwilan jersey and a Korean flag.

“I want to prove myself in Europe,” he told the club.

He said goodbye to Jeonbuk after the game against FC Seoul and left the country last weekend to finalize the transfer process, including a medical test.

“I think my personal goal right now is to go to Europe, which I’ve been wanting to do since the winter, and show a good performance.”

Following his multi-goal performance against Ghana at the World Cup in Qatar, Cho attracted interest from the likes of Celtic in the winter transfer window, but was reportedly persuaded to stay by Jeonbuk director Park Ji-sung.

In the summer transfer window, Cho took Park’s advice and decided to join Midtjylland, a club he had been linked with in the past.

As Cho Kyu-sung moved to the unfamiliar Danish league, controversy surrounded Park.

“I don’t know why you’re criticizing me,” Cho said, emphasizing that it was his decision alone.

Founded in 1999, Mittwillan is a powerhouse in the league with three championships and five runner-up finishes,

Champions League group stage, and will compete in the second qualifying round of the Europa Conference next season.

Amid expectations and concerns, Cho Kyu-sung’s performance will determine whether the team can challenge for the big leagues.


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