Kim Mok-kyung “Nongshim in 3 sets, Vanpik loses”

DRX head coach Kim “Mok-kyung” Kim blames difficult banfixes for the team’s loss to Nongshim RedForce.

DRX defeated Nongshim RedForce 2-1 in Week 7 of the regular season of the 2023 LoL Champions Korea (LCK) Summer on Tuesday at LCK Arena in Jongno-gu, Seoul. With the win, Nongshim snapped its losing streak and improved to 3-10 (-12), narrowly holding onto eighth place in the standings on goal difference alone.

“It was a dominant performance, and we should have won 2-0 in straight sets,” said Kim at the post-match press conference. It’s disappointing,” Kim said. “We didn’t get the ban pick, which was the biggest loss,” he added.

In the third set, Kim considered the so-called Ivon combination, which centered on Ivon, Tristana, and Ash, to be a mistake. “It’s true that the Ivon combination is tiered and good, but it’s difficult to operate,” he said, “and the players couldn’t play it comfortably.”

“Once we finalized the Ivon combo in the Phase 1 Banpick, we should have had enough initiation options at the bottom, whether it was 바카라사이트 favorable or unfavorable, so we lost in vain,” he added. On the day, DRX formed a bottom duo of Ash and Milio.

“In practice, we focused a lot on improving our performance to match the current meta,” said Kim, adding that “banfic-wise, we had a lot of different results from our practiced compositions.”

DRX will next face off against playoff contenders Reef Sandbox. “All the players are working hard. We’re looking at the playoffs,” said Kim. “We’ll work on the issues that came up today. We will show a good performance from the game against Live Sandbox.” He concluded the interview with a promise.

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