KT, whose starters collapsed, won a come-from-behind victory over LG thanks to the power of the bullpen and batting lineup.

Bullpen Son Dong-hyun pitches 3 innings with 40 pitches Kang Baek-ho’s 14th home run

KT Son Dong-hyun

KT Wiz, suffering from injuries to starting pitchers, achieved a come-from-behind victory over the LG Twins thanks to the power of the bullpen and batting lineup.

KT escaped its three-game losing streak by winning 10-4 in the 2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League home game against LG held at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 19th.

KT, suffering from a shortage of starting resources, put up a tough fight in the early part of the game.

Jae-heon Seong, a left-handed substitute starting pitcher in his first start since his professional debut, showed difficulty with his pitch and was hit.

Seong Jae-heon gave up 3 runs in the 2nd inning alone, giving up 2 hits and 3 walks, and was severely shaken in the 3rd inning, including a walk and a balk.

KT quickly replaced pitchers. In the top of the third inning, with two outs and two on second base, key bullpen Dong-Hyun Son was put in to prevent additional runs. 메이저사이트

The batting lineup also started to come back to life. KT was blocked by LG starter Son Joo-young and could not reach base until the fourth inning with two outs, but Kang Baek-ho’s solo home run laid the foundation for the chase.

In the 5th inning, when he was down 1-3, he scored 2 hits and 2 walks against Son Joo-young, who was weak, and made up for one run, trailing 2-3.

KT continued the close game with Son Dong-hyun leading the way, and succeeded in turning the game around by turning the bottom of the 6th inning into a big inning.

Leadoff hitter Kang Baek-ho and follow-up hitters Moon Sang-cheol and Park Byeong-ho gave Son Ju-young three consecutive hits, giving the bases loaded with no outs.

Afterwards, pinch hitter Jang Seong-woo got a walk from LG Lee Woo-chan, who came on the mound late in relief, to tie the score at 3-3.

With the bases loaded and one out, KT’s Oh Yoon-seok, Shin Bon-ki, and Mel Rojas Jr. hit three consecutive timely hits, and with the opponent’s wild pitch and Hwang Jae-gyun’s sacrifice hit, they ran away to 9-3.

KT, who added one point in the 7th inning, finished the game with a large score margin without any major crisis.

KT’s second pitcher, Son Dong-hyun, threw 40 pitches in 3 innings, allowing 1 hit and striking out 3, blocking the LG batting line well.

At the plate, Oh Yoon-seok played well with 3 hits in 4 at-bats, 2 RBIs, and 1 run, while Kang Baek-ho, who is fighting for the home run lead, hit his 14th home run of the season, going 2 hits in 5 at-bats, 1 RBI, and 2 runs. 온라인 슬롯

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