“It’s always good to have Ryu Ji-hyuk by my side”

“It’s always good to have (Ryu) Ji-hyuk by my side,” says outfielder Koo Ja-uk, who serves as captain of the Samsung Lions in the Korean Baseball Organization.

“As a captain, team performance is really important. I think the team is more important than my individual performance,” emphasized Gu, who added, ”He also gathers the players together. I’m really grateful for that. It’s sometimes hard and overwhelming to do it alone, but Jihyeok has been a reliable teammate,” he said.

Koo and Ryu are very close as they played together in the youth national team and the commercial team. 스포츠토토 When Ryu Ji-hyuk arrived at Samsung in July of last year via a one-for-one trade with Kim Tae-gun (KIA), Gu was one of the first people to welcome him.

“Ji-hyuk takes care of the players and plays a big role in creating a good atmosphere,” Gu said at the time. Thanks to him, I feel comfortable and secure. I think the club has brought in a very important player.” As the middle man in the squad, Koo and Ryu Ji-hyuk are working together to help the team move in a better direction.

Ryu Ji-hyuk says he’s excited and proud to be able to work with the captain,

“He’s close with his brother, so we talk a lot about how to make the team better. I feel secure with him and want to continue to be with him, and I think our team is doing well because of his captaincy.”

Ryu Ji-hyuk, who was sidelined for three weeks after suffering a left shoulder labrum injury on March 27 against LG Electronics in Jamsil, said, “I want to play as many games as I can because it’s been a long time since I’ve been out (with an injury), and I’m grateful for every game.”

“I always think that if you do your best every day and play a winning game, the results will follow,” he said, adding, “The process is important. It’s important to do your best every game and make it work,” he added.

The former member of the Doosan Bears dynasty added, “The team atmosphere is very good right now. There is an atmosphere where seniors and juniors communicate with each other and younger players can play their hearts out on the field. 메이저사이트 The seniors are also taking care of the younger players and leading a good flow,” he said of the current team atmosphere.

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