Ace’s perfect resurrection Korean Air Jeong Ji-seok “Of course I’m desperate.”

In the first game of the championship game, he scored a season-high 31 points and made 7 blocks.
Jeong Ji-seok attacking

There are players who exert more energy and show more power in big games.

Such players are usually called ‘aces’, and Korean Air men’s volleyball wing striker Jeong Ji-seok (29) has proven himself to be an ‘ace’.

Jeong Ji-seok scored 31 points in the first game of the championship match (3 wins out of 5) against OK Financial Group held at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon on the 29th, leading the team to a 3-1 victory.

He was called up to the Hangzhou Asian Games national team but got injured and spent the opening of the regular season on the bench. Even after returning to the court late, he was unable to show off his skills.

Like this, Jeong Ji-seok, who was quiet during the regular season, completely changed in the championship match. 파워볼사이트

His 31 points, the most in a single game this season, stand out, but his 67.65% attack success rate and 7 blocks also stand out.

On this day, Korean Air had 11 team blocks, and Jeong Ji-seok was responsible for 7, more than half, by himself.

Blocking is also a personal record in one game this season.

Jeong Ji-seok, who we met after the game, said, “Because it was a big game, I was very immersed. I felt like I was going to show a good performance. I’m glad that I was able to do that well during the game.”

When asked if he showed what he couldn’t do during the regular season on this day, he said, “Before entering this series, I thought, ‘Let’s start again from the beginning.’ Now I’ve forgotten everything and boosted my confidence.”

The player that Jeong Ji-seok focused on and marked on this day was Ho-jin Ho of OK Financial Group.

Shin Ho-jin was at the center of a storm in the semi-playoffs and playoffs.

Jeong Ji-seok, who repeatedly blocked Shin Ho-jin’s attacks, said, “Honestly, when I saw the momentum of OK Financial Group, I thought they would come up (in the championship match). In particular, I thought I had to stop Ho-jin Shin at all costs. So I did a lot of image training.” He added, “The director said, ‘Ho-jin Shin. He said, ‘Just look at me.’ I couldn’t help but look at him (during the game),” he said, laughing.

If they win this championship match, Korean Air will become the first men’s volleyball team to achieve four consecutive wins (1st place in the regular league and championship match win).

For Jeong Ji-seok, this is a record he wants to achieve somehow.

He said, “The person I’m most desperate for is (veteran) Athlete Han and (Kwak) Seung-Seok. You never know when you’ll play volleyball with a member like this,” he said. “Of course, I’m also desperate. I’ll never let down my guard and prepare well for the second game.” “I will do it,” he said. 온라인 슬롯

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