World of Bali “Kim Yeon-kyung still in the world’s top 10”

I don’t think the coach knows my age, so I keep reminding him.”

Kim Yeon-kyung (36-Heungkuk Life) said this after leading her team to a 3-1 victory over Hwaseong on Friday.

Heungkuk Life head coach Abon Danza is not only relying on Kim, who he describes as “not too old,” 스포츠토토사이트 but also because she is playing beyond her years.

Abondanza is not the only one who thinks so.

World of Bali, a global volleyball news organization, recently ranked the top 10 active male and female players in the world and included Kim in its list.

The five female players on the list have an average age of 32.8 years old, which is 3.2 years older than Kim.

“As the most decorated volleyball player to come out of South Korea, Kim is still one of the most decorated players in the world today,” the publication said.

The following are the top 10 active men’s and women’s players according to World of Volley (in alphabetical order).

Men △Maksim Mikhailov (36, Russia – outside hitter), Simon (37, Cuba – middle blocker), Osmani Juanterena (39, Italy – outside hitter), Wallacey G. Soza (37, Brazil – outside hitter), Wilfred Leon (31, Poland – outside hitter)

Women △Gabriela Guimarães (30-Brazil – outside hitter), Yeon-Kyung Kim (36-South Korea – outside hitter), Brenda Castillo (32-Dominican Republic – libero), Zhu Ting (朱婷-29-China – outside hitter), Taina Menegis (37-Brazil – middle blocker)

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