Will Eric continue in charge of Manchester next season?

Will Eric ten Haag (54) continue in charge of Manchester United next season? The decision is not in the hands of the club’s owners.

The club has recently transitioned to the ownership of Sir Jim Ratcliffe (72), the chairman of INEOS, so it’s likely that he will make the decision on whether Van Gaal, who hasn’t lived up to expectations this season, stays or goes. Naturally, the owner seemed to hold the power of life and death over the manager.

However, according to the UK’s Mirror, citing the Manchester Evening News, it will not be Ratcliffe who decides whether van Gaal stays at United next season, but rather the new chief executive officer, Omar Verada, 45, who will be in charge.

Berarda is the first CEO in the club’s history to be brought in from outside the organization. He was brought in by Lord Ratcliffe to rebuild the club from its former glory under Sir Alex Ferguson after he acquired a 27.7% stake in the club.

Berarda, who was officially appointed in February, has previously worked at Barcelona and Manchester City. Most notably, 스포츠토토 he was chief operating officer at City Football Group, which manages City, and is known for his direct involvement in the signings of Kevin De Bruyne, Elling Holland, and Julian Alvarez.

United have been linked with the appointment of Newcastle United sporting director Dan Ashworth.

However, as of now, Berarda is the most senior person involved in the club’s operations.

According to the report, Sir Ratcliffe has delegated the decision-making process on Van Gaal’s future entirely to Berarda, who has the expertise to do so. United are virtually assured of a top-four finish in the league, which would qualify them for the UEFA Champions League. The FA Cup is the only title left this season.

Van Gaal, who has led United to the FA Cup semifinals, joined the club in 2022 from Ajax on a three-year contract. His contract is guaranteed until next season. However, no one in the United hierarchy, including Lord Ratcliffe, has publicly shown their support for van Gaal.

Earlier this month, van Gaal said: “We have too many injuries. No team can afford that,” he said earlier this month, responding to criticism of his team’s poor form by saying, “I think we are playing at the maximum level given the availability of players.”

“So when you’re missing that many players for most of the season, obviously the results are not going to be the same as when you have enough players,” he said, adding that “we’ve seen in January and February, when we had a lot of players, we played very well,” and lamenting that injuries have been a factor in the poor form.

United currently sit in sixth place (47 points) with 15 wins, two draws and 11 losses.

However, they are six points behind fifth-place Tottenham (53 points) and nine points behind fourth-place Aston Villa (56 points).

The public opinion of Van Gaal is also not very positive. His stubborn and inflexible leadership has led to conflicts with some players, and his tactical decisions have been criticized.

Most local media outlets believe that the club will sack Van Gaal either before or after the end of the season. 카지노사이트 추천 Several names have already been thrown around, including England manager Gareth Southgate, Zinedine Zidane, Roberto De Zerbi, Thomas Frank, and Hubeng Amorim, with Ange Postecoglou, who has been in charge of Tottenham since this season, also attracting interest.

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