“Don’t follow the major leagues”…’winning manager’s suggestion

“How about making an exception for catchers?”

“Catchers can make exceptions…”

The 2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League has begun its exhibition games. The Automatic Ball-Strike System (ABS), which will be introduced this year, made its debut, and the pitch clock, which is being piloted in the first half, also made an appearance in the exhibition games.

Batters have eight seconds to prepare to bat, and pitchers have 23 seconds to pitch with runners on base and 18 seconds without. If the batter doesn’t get ready to bat within eight seconds, a strike is called. Conversely, if the pitcher doesn’t pitch in time, it’s a ball. During the trial period, verbal warnings will be given instead of sanctions.

Speaking to reporters ahead of the KT Wiz’s game against the LG Twins at KT Wiz Park in Suwon on Tuesday, LG manager Yim Kyung-yup said he doesn’t think the pitch clock will be a problem for hitters, but it could be a disadvantage for catchers.

“The hitters won’t be affected (much), but the catchers will be a little late when they come in. ”The batters won’t be affected (much), but the catchers will be a little late when they come in,” he said, “so you can’t do the same. When there was no pitch clock, the umpires were very understanding of the catchers. They have to unpack their gear. But it’s the same 23 seconds, only the catcher can’t do 25 seconds, so the catcher will get the most warnings.”

Catchers wear a lot of protective gear for safety when playing defense. And when they step into the batter’s box as the leadoff hitter after the offensive shift, they have to quickly remove their gear and grab their bat. They don’t have much time to catch their breath before they see the first pitch.

“I think the catcher should make an exception. ”Catchers have to make exceptions, otherwise they’ll get struck out,” he says. “There are a lot of things they do that aren’t slow. ”Catchers should think about giving them a few extra seconds because they can be penalized.

Pitch clocks were introduced in Major League Baseball last season and have been effective in reducing time. The KBO has also adopted the pitch clock to reduce time, but Yeom doesn’t think it’s necessary to adapt everything to Major League Baseball’s rules.

The Commander says, “Catchers are at a disadvantage to the other beasts. You have to be ready quickly to meet that time. You don’t have time to catch your breath,” he said. “We have to see if we’re going to make exceptions or if we’re going to say, ‘You’re on your own,’ like the major leagues do. Major League Baseball is not the right answer. Maybe our rule is the right one. Just because we give the catcher three extra seconds doesn’t mean it’s a problem because we do it differently.”

Pitching time limits have changed. Major League Baseball requires pitchers to complete a pitch in 15 seconds with no runners on base and 18 seconds with runners in scoring position. But South Korea has added five seconds. ”The pitch clock has also increased by five seconds compared to the major leagues. I think it’s a good thing. We shouldn’t just follow what the U.S. does,” he said.


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