Hanwha Anbangma is full even without eating

Choi Jae-hoon, the Hanwha Eagles’ closer, seems like he doesn’t need to eat these days. He’s part of a superlative pitching staff and battery that includes Korea’s best pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin, national ace Moon Dong-joo, and “super rookie” Hwang Jun-seo.

“I have high expectations for this season,” said Choi Jae-hoon when we met at the Gochinda Baseball Stadium in Okinawa, 바카라사이트 Japan on the 23rd. We got better last year, but I can see us getting even better. The young players have been training a lot while receiving the ball. It’s fun to be able to play with our pitchers,” he smiled.

On Ryu returning to Hanwha after 12 years, he said, “I think you just have to be still. I think I should ask him how he did it and follow him. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in Korea, so I’m sure he’ll help me adjust.”

Choi Jae-hoon, who had faced Ryu at Doosan

He said, “The ball just disappeared. I didn’t know what I was doing at the plate, but it was an honor to face the best pitcher in the game.” “I think I need to study a lot. I think it’s important for Hyun-jin to know what his pitches are like, and I’ll see what his best pitches are.”

Choi Jae-hoon also said, “He has a good delivery, but his fastball is outstanding. He’s a senior who can put it in and take it out, and I’ll have to work hard, but Hyun-jin has a good ball, so I’ll try my best.” He also said that he and SSG veteran catcher Lee Jae-won will help each other and protect the safe room. Jae-hoon Choi is eager for the fall season. “When I was at Doosan, I played a lot of fall baseball and won a championship. I don’t think fall baseball is something you have to do, but it’s not something you shouldn’t do. You just have to think that you can do well. Our team strength has improved, so we just need to stay strong and not sag in the early innings.”

When asked about her goals for the season, she said, “It’s always the same. I want to make it to the end of the season, and the most important thing is not to get hurt. My batting average is important, but I’m more concerned with my on-base percentage, which is what I can do best, and defensively, I want to improve my stolen base rate and make it easier on the pitchers.”

“It’s not easy for a homegrown starter to win 10 games, but I think the pitchers will be encouraged by Hyun-jin’s arrival, and I want to contribute to the homegrown 10-win season,” he said.

Moon Dong-ju, a former first-round pick

Won the Rookie of the Year award last year after going 8-8 with a 3.72 ERA. He was the ace of the national team at the Hangzhou Asian Games and the Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC), establishing himself as one of the league’s top starters.

“I think this season is more important because Moon Dong-ju won the Rookie of the Year last year. We shouldn’t settle for the status quo and look higher,” Choi emphasized. “I hope he becomes a pitcher with more than 10 wins. 안전 토토사이트 He has a stronger mentality than anyone else, so he can succeed no matter what. I think Moon Dong-joo is the best.”

As for Hwang Jun-seo, he said, “I don’t think he’s bad. He has a good tip and a stable delivery, so if he gains more strength, he will be a good pitcher. SSG Kwang-hyun (Kim) is similar to his older brother. I think Kwang-hyun is a player who will surpass his brother,” he said confidently.

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