‘EPL Star’ Lingard Goes to the K League, Why…”I fell in love with the sincerity of Seoul”

Jesse Lingard, formerly of Manchester United in the English Premier League, has joined FC Seoul. Why did the EPL star want to play in the K League?

Jesse Lingard in a FC Seoul jersey. The rumors that have rocked the K League over the past week have become reality.

Jesse Lingard / FC Seoul
“It’s a new challenge in my life and I want to play soccer again”

Arguably the biggest name in the 스포츠토토 K League’s 41-year history.

He played over 200 games for the prestigious Manchester United and has also represented England.

He reportedly earned around 17.5 billion won in salary at Nottingham last season, compared to Seoul’s entire squad of 13 billion won last year.

The transfer is said to be the highest in the K League, but it’s not easily believed, leading to speculation about his personal business expansion, including an esports team and clothing.

Lingard was adamant.

“Football and my personal business are obviously separate. Right now, football comes first”

The sincerity of the Seoul club was also a factor in his decision. Seoul went the extra mile, personally sending a staff member to Manchester in January to present him with a contract.

Lingard’s move to the K League was also a hot topic in England.

“Another breaking news story. Jesse Lingard has signed for FC Seoul”

With the K-League expected to have a “record-breaking season” this year, Lingard is determined to quench his thirst for soccer by winning.

“I can’t wait to meet the fans of Seoul, the ‘guardians’ of the team.”

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