The LG Twins have finalized all contracts

The ‘Champion’ LG Twins have finalized all contracts for the 2024 season.

The LG Twins announced today that they have completed the signing of 33 players for the 2024 season. LG won its first regular season and Korean Series title in 29 years last year. The team’s key players received significant salary increases. Hong Chang-ki, who had an MVP-level performance, re-signed for 510 million won, a 70 percent ($210 million) increase from last year’s 300 million won, making him the highest paid player on the team outside of free agency.

In addition, Yoo Young-chan, who rose to prominence as a must-win player last season and is the favorite to finish this season, received a 174.2% increase, the highest increase in the team. Yoo’s salary increased by 54 million won from 31 million won last year to 85 million won. In addition, Shin Min-jae, 안전놀이터 who made the leap to second base and aimed to become a stolen base king, signed a contract worth 115 million won, up from 48 million won to 67 million won (139.6 percent increase).

Choi Won-tae, who was acquired in a trade, also re-signed for 400 million won,

An increase of 50 million won from 350 million won, and Moon Bo-kyung also received a 130 million won increase from 170 million won to 300 million won.

Moon Sung-joo saw a 110.5% increase from 95 million won to 200 million won, Baek Seung-hyun from 46 million won to 92 million won, and Lee Ji-gang from 36 million won to 68 million won. Park Myung-geun, who impressed as a rookie, was also raised from 30 million won to 65 million won. Choi Dong-hwan increased from 150 million won to 130 million won, and Lee Woo-chan saw a slight increase from 120 million won to 125 million won.

Heo Do-hwan’s salary was frozen at 100 million won, while Jung Woo-young (400 million won to 320 million won), 파워볼실시간 Kim Yoon-sik (150 million won to 120 million won), Lee Jae-won (85 million won to 70 million won), Yoon Hosol (87 million won to 70 million won), Kim Yoo-young (95 million won to 67 million won), Bae Jae-joon (75 million won to 60 million won), and Kim Dae-hyun (62 million won to 57 million won) did not avoid cuts.

Meanwhile, the LG Twins finalized contracts with 10 rookies for 2024, including Kim Hyun-jong.

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