‘Perfect OH’ Im Sung-jin, “I’m going to spring volleyball with a lot of determination”

Professional volleyball player Lim Sung-jin, 25, of the Suwon KEPCO, has been one of the most “breakout” players in the V League this season.

He is a key part of the ‘Fear Triangle’ alongside Tyson Dulhorst (real name Tys) and Seo Jae-duk. In particular, this season, she has been described as a “complete outside hitter (OH)” due to her flawless performance in both offense and defense.

In response, Lim said, “I didn’t prepare much in the pre-season training, and I think I had more time to relax as I accumulated annual leave. The expression ‘overachiever’ is too much, and there are many players who are better than me. I still have a lot to work on and improve,” 메이저 토토사이트 he said.

The numbers speak for themselves this season. He ranks 10th overall in points with 240, the fourth highest among Korean players. She is second in quick offense with 133 kills in 225 attempts (59.11% success rate) and sixth in digs, so she is doing her part on both sides of the ball.

In particular, she leads the team in receiving, which was one of her biggest weaknesses last season, with 248 receptions out of 566 attempts (37.63% receiving efficiency). Lim attributed this to a “psychological effect.

“In training, I tried to receive the ball as much as possible, especially when I said to myself, ‘Don’t back down and receive it confidently,’ and it worked. But I’m still a long way off. I need to reduce the ups and downs between bad days and good days.”

This season, Lim was also named MVP for the first time in his career in the second round. He said, “I didn’t think much about being named MVP, I just wanted to break the team’s losing streak and continue the winning streak again. I think I received it as a club representative because the team atmosphere was good at the time,” he said humbly.

Despite Lim’s growth, KEPCO is only in fourth place and on the threshold of ‘spring volleyball’. She credits the team’s colors as a driving force for her success.

“Our team color is to have fun in a fun atmosphere. I think the game went well because we were trying to have fun, so we got lucky and played well,” she said. “Everyone on the team is not annoyed and helps each other, and that’s the key to doing well with our team colors.”

Lim’s goal for the new year isn’t to win a championship, but to make it to spring volleyball. It’s more of a step-by-step approach to a realistic goal.

“I want to show the fans that we are fighting hard and trying to turn the game around in any way possible. I will do my best in every game and accumulate a lot of points. Once we get to ‘spring volleyball,’ we’ll play the championship game or win the championship,” he said, adding, “I want to take it easy instead of going through the motions like last season.”

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