Original Queen Lim Jeong-sook’s Carry! Crown Haitai Defeats Blue One

the first-year champion of the PBA, recorded two wins in women’s doubles and mixed doubles

playing an active role as Crown Haitai’s sole leader.

On the 9th, Crown Haitai defeated Blue One Resort with a set score of 4-1 (10-11, 9-1, 15- 13, 9-5, 11-5).

She added 3 points, and Crown Haitai, who recorded 3 wins and 1 loss in the 5th round, jumped to first place alone 지울프-토토

completing the round’s accumulated points of 10 points. Blue One Resort, NH Nonghyup Card, and Hana Card, which are tied for second place below

have all accumulated 5 points, so unless there are consecutive losses, Crown Haitai is expected to cruise along.

Blue One Resort won the first set of the day. The first set was a bit long. The game dragged on until 10 innings, resulting in a close tie. Zapata

who was in a group with Eom Sang-pil, finished the scoring in the last minute

putting the team of Kim Jae-geun and Oh Tae-jun, who were disappointed in the finish, by 1 point, 11-10.

However, Blue One Resort failed to maintain momentum. Crown Haitai’s team of Baek Min-ju and Lim Jeong-sook launched a counterattack by winning 9-1 in 9 innings

beating the team of Seo Han-sol and Kim Min-young, who scored only 1 run in 8 innings.

The third set of the ‘Spanish Derby’ was intense. Martinez took a big lead by scoring 9 runs in one inning.

However, Zapata also persisted and scored 7 extra-base hits in 3 innings, turning the score around 11-10. The game unfolded very thrillingly.

After a back-and-forth fight, Martinez hit the final blow, making it 15-13, and Crown Haitai took one more set.

Blue One Resort, which was lagging behind, dreamed of a turnaround when Srong Piavi

who played in the mixed doubles match with Kang Min-gu, hit a lucky shot in the 6th inning.

However, in the 8th inning, Lim Jeong-suk’s closing bank shot hit very cleanly, and Crown Haitai, which was slightly ahead, steadily took the 9-5, 4th set and pushed Blue One Resort significantly.

The men’s singles has come to an end. While Kim Jae-geun scored 5 high runs in 3 innings, Kang Min-gu struggled

scoring only 1 run through 5 innings. It wasn’t until the 8th inning that Kang Min-gu managed to get his nose up to 5 runs

but Kim Jae-geun had already run away. Kim Jae-geun scored 3 more runs in 8 innings to finish the game with a landslide victory of 11-5.

On the 4th day of the 5th round, there will be a match between SK Rent-a-Car and Welcome Savings Bank at 3:30 p.m.

High1 Resort-SY at 6:30 p.m., and Huons-Hana Card at 9:30 p.m. NH Nonghyup Card is closed for one day.

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