Kim Eun-ji, 9th dan, wins Korea, China, Japan Genius Girl’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms I want revenge on Wu Yiming.

Kim Eun-ji, 9th dan, won the New Year event competition ‘Korea, China, Japan Genius Girl’s Three Kingdoms’ championship.In the final of the tournament held at the Korea Baduk TV Studio in Seongdong-gu, Seoul on the 4th, Kim Eun-ji was defeated by Wu Yiming 5-dan of China in 181 moves.Kim Eun-ji, who reached the finals by defeating Japan’s Sumire Nakamure 3rd dan in the second round of the previous day’s competition, won the trophy by winning all two matches.It was also a moment of revenge for Wu Yiming, who had lost two consecutive games in the women’s team event at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

Kim Eun-ji said, “I felt that Sumire 3rd Dan has grown a lot during the match. I think Wuyiming 5th Dan will be an even better competitor in the future,” and added, “I will use this tournament as an opportunity to develop further.”After congratulating Kim Eun-ji on her win, Wu Yi-ming predicted friendly competition, saying, “It’s a good thing for me too, because the development of other players stimulates my competitive spirit.”This competition is a competition between three teenage female drivers representing Korea, China, and Japan.The winning prize is 10 million won.The runner-up and third place receive 5 million won and 3 million won, respectively.The time limit was time accumulation (Fisher), with each participant given 온라인카지노 30 minutes plus 40 seconds of additional time.

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