Its Sancho Martial Casemiro Varane All go to Saudi Arabia

 Manchester United has been busy sending resources other than electric power to Saudi Arabia for winter recruitment.

British media outlet Daily Mail reported on the 18th (Korean time), “Manchester United international John Murtough is planning to sell Casemiro, Raphael Varane

Jadon Sancho and Anthony Martial to raise funds for the club. It was reported that he flew to Saudi Arabia.

According to the media, Director Murtaugh personally visited Saudi Arabia in early December to raise funds to recruit players during the upcoming January winter transfer market.

He looked for a team in Saudi Arabia to recruit Manchester United players who were classified as out of range. 카지노사이트랭크

There are a total of four players identified by the media as those that Manchester United have released in the transfer market: Jadon Sancho, Raphael Varane, Anthony Martial, and Casemiro.

First, England winger Sancho was expected to part ways with Manchester United in the winter unless there were any special changes.

Sancho, who moved to Manchester United in the summer of 2021 for a huge transfer fee of 85 million euros (approximately 120.9 billion won), not only failed to meet expectations

but was also expelled from the first team training ground for openly rebelling against manager Eric Turn Haag this season.< a i=1> If Sancho had offered a sincere apology

he could have returned to the first team, but Sancho still has not lost his pride and is finally taking the step of breaking up with Manchester United. 

Saudi Arabia, which is collecting star players, is one of Sancho’s potential destinations, and his former team Dortmund has also been strongly linked.

Sky Sports German reporter Florian Plettenberg said on the 4th, “Doniel Malen wants to leave Dortmund in January,” and said there was a possibility of a swap deal between Malen and Sancho

who is currently neglected by Manchester United. French striker Martial’s contract expires at the end of this season

so there is only one chance to recoup the transfer fee in the winter transfer window in January.

According to global media outlet The Athletic, Manchester United plans to part ways with Martial in January or June next year as they have no intention of exercising the one-year extension clause in Martial’s contract.

Brazilian midfielder Casemiro, who was a key midfielder for Manchester United last season but has been suffering from criticism this season

is also one of the transfer targets, and French center back Raphael Varane, who began to be ignored by coach Tun Haag this season, was also considered for the possibility of a transfer.

However, unlike Sancho, regarding these three players, the media said, “Manchester United will listen to all offers for Varane, Martial and Casemiro

but will not force a transfer as all three are still important members of Turn Haag’s squad.”

Reported. Meanwhile, the media claimed that the reason why Director Murtough flew to Saudi Arabia to sell them was because Manchester United spent a lot of money during the transfer market last summer and were close to the Premier League revenue and club continuity rule (PSR) limits.

The media said, “Manchester United spent almost 200 million pounds (approximately 329.5 billion won) in transfer fees last summer to sign Rasmus Høirun

Andre Onana, Mason Mount, etc., so they cannot afford to spend any more money.” Explained.

He continued, “Manchester United’s weak financial position was clearly revealed when it was fined 260,000 pounds (approximately 428 million won)

by UEFA in July due to a slight break-even deficit last season.” ;Turn Haag wants to reinforce center backs, midfielders, and attackers, but if there are no releases

he may have to rely on loan signings,” he said, adding that in order to recruit new players, releases must come first.

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