Its Lee Jeong-hoo’s Spectacular SF Entrance Ceremony

Korea’s ‘genius hitter’ has finally arrived in San Francisco. After finishing this season, ‘Grandson of the Wind’ took on the challenge of advancing to the major leagues through the posting system.

Lee Jeong-hoo (25) completed a contract with the San Francisco Giants. The birth of the 27th Korean major leaguer in history is approaching.

Lee Jung-hoo expressed his feelings about joining San Francisco and his future aspirations at his joining press conference held at Oracle Park in San Francisco, California, USA on the 16th (Korean time). 지울프-토토

San Francisco President Farhan Zaidi and Lee Jung-hoo’s agent Scott Boras attended the event, and in the front row of the press conference was Lee Jung-hoo’s father Son of the Wind’ Lee Jung-hoo’s family, including LG Twins coach Lee Jong-beom, were there, attracting attention.

San Francisco officially announced the contract with Lee Jung-hoo on the 15th. The contract period is 6 years in total, and the total contract amount is $113 million (approximately 147.5 billion won).

A new record was set for the highest treatment ever for an Asian fielder who entered the major league through the posting system.

Lee Jeong-hoo, who will receive an annual salary of $7 million next year, will receive an annual salary of $16 million in 2025

followed by an annual salary of $22 million in 2026-2027 and an annual salary of $20.5 million in 2028-2029.

Above all, it is noteworthy that the right to opt out after the 2027 season is included.

Additionally, as soon as Lee Jung-hoo signed the contract with San Francisco, he decided to donate $565,000 to the club’s foundation.

Lee Jung-hoo is ‘super hit’ His original team, Kiwoom Heroes, also smiled brightly as they won his contract. Players who advance to the major leagues through the posting system will receive a transfer fee to their original team.

According to the Korea-U.S. Player Contract Agreement, if the total guaranteed contract amount of a major league contract is 1) $25 million or less, 20% of the total guaranteed contract amount, 2) if it is between $25 million and 1 dollar but less than $50 million, 20% of $25 million. 17.5% of the total guaranteed contract amount exceeding $25 million, 3) If it is over $50 million 1, 20% of $25 million and 17.5% of the total guaranteed contract amount exceeding $50 million. All 15% of must be paid.

As Lee Jung-hoo won a contract worth a total of $113 million, Kiwoom received $5 million, which is 20% of $25 million, $4.375 million

which is 17.5% of $25 million, and 15% of $63 million, which is the excess of $50 million.

He pocketed a total of $9.45 million and earned $18.825 million in transfer fees alone. The amount is approximately 24.5 billion won in Korean won.

He is the fourth major leaguer to be produced from Kiwoom. Prior to Lee Jeong-hoo, Kiwoom had successes in advancing to the major leagues through the posting system

including Kang Jeong-ho, Park Byeong-ho, and Kim Ha-seong. Kang Jung-ho’s transfer fee was $5,002,015

Park Byeong-ho’s was $12.85 million, and Kim Ha-seong’s was $5.525 million, and Lee Jung-hoo surpassed all of these records.

Lee Jung-hoo is evaluated as a player who has achieved everything on the KBO league stage except winning the Korean Series. When he joined Nexen Heroes (now Kiwoom Heroes) in 2017

he was famous as the son of Lee Jong-beom, but as soon as he entered the professional ranks

he played in all 144 games and recorded 179 hits, becoming his father’s best. He proved that he is a player who has escaped from the shadow of .

Lee Jeong-hoo, who was crowned Rookie of the Year at the age of 19 with a batting average of .324, an on-base percentage of .395, a slugging percentage of .417, 2 home runs, 47 RBIs, and 12 stolen bases, had a batting average of .355, an on-base percentage of .412, and a slugging percentage of .477 in 109 games in 2018. He left home runs, 57 RBIs, and 11 stolen bases, overcoming the “sophomore jinx,

commonly referred to as the second-year jinx. In 140 games in 2019, he also had a batting average of .336, an on-base percentage of .386, and a slugging percentage of .456, with 6 home runs, 68 RBIs, and 13 stolen bases. and continued their winning streak.

The season in which Lee Jeong-hoo’s batting was upgraded to the next level was 2020. Jeong-hoo Lee, who appeared in 140 games

showed off his batting average of .333, on-base percentage of .397, and slugging percentage of .524, with 15 home runs, 101 RBI, and 12 stolen bases

posting his first double-digit home runs and triple-digit RBIs in his career. At the same time, he maintained a batting average similar to the previous year.

For Lee Jeong-hoo, the 2021 season is also considered an unforgettable moment.

Jeong-hoo Lee, who appeared in 123 games and had a batting average of .360, an on-base percentage of .438, and a slugging percentage of .522 with 7 home runs, 84 RBIs, and 10 stolen bases

won his first batting title and became the world’s first rich batting king along with his father Lee Jong-beom.

He even won the title. Coach Lee Jong-beom is the person who won the batting title in 1994 while playing for the Haitai Tigers (now KIA Tigers) with a batting average of .393.

The season that is considered the best highlight season in Lee Jeong-hoo’s career is 2022. Jeong-hoo Lee

who appeared in 142 games, not only set career highs in home runs and RBIs with a batting average of .349, an on-base percentage of .421, and a slugging percentage of .575, but also had 23 home runs, 113 RBIs, and 5 stolen bases.

He also showed off his batting ability at its peak by winning the batting title for two consecutive years.

For a man who won five batting crowns, it was only natural that he would also be named MVP in the first regular season of his career.

Nevertheless, Lee Jeong-hoo did not hesitate to change. He entered the 2023 season by drastically revising his batting form to upgrade his hitting.

Of course, there were ups and downs and he returned to his original batting form

but despite this, Jeong-hoo Lee maintained his top skills with a batting average of .318 and 105 hits.

It was disappointing that he played only 86 games due to an ankle injury. His performance this year was .318 batting average, .406 on-base percentage, .455 slugging percentage,

6 home runs, 45 RBI, and 6 stolen bases. If he hadn’t been on the operating table due to an ankle injury, his cumulative record would have been even higher.

Just because Lee Jeong-hoo was injured did not mean that interest from major league clubs diminished.

On days when he played, scouts from major league clubs visited and watched Lee Jung-hoo with interest.

In particular, on October 10th, when Kiwoom’s final home game of the season was held

San Francisco general manager Pete Putilla even visited in person and watched one of Lee Jung-hoo’s at-bats.

At the press conference on Lee Jeong-hoo’s arrival on this day, President Zaidi emphasized that he had previously been deeply interested in Lee Jeong-hoo, to the extent of saying

General Manager Putilla went to Korea just to see Lee Jeong-hoo’s at-bat.”

Lee Jeong-hoo’s career records while playing in the KBO League for 7 seasons are 884 games with a batting average of .340, an on-base percentage of .407, a slugging percentage of .491, 65 home runs, 515 RBIs, and 69 stolen bases.

The number of hits he gave alone reached 1,181. From 2018 to 2022, he won the Golden Glove Award in the outfield category for five consecutive years, and early on surpassed 3,000 plate appearances in total

becoming a ‘master of batting’ He also engraved his name at the top of his career batting average

beating former Samsung 2nd team manager Jang Hyo-jo. Former manager Jang Hyo-jo’s career batting average was .331.

Lee Jeong-hoo is already evaluated as a player with the skills to excel on the international stage. He showed his strong side on the international stage, hitting .429 with 5 RBIs even after only playing in the first round at the World Baseball Classic (WBC) last March.

Lee Jeong-hoo will serve as the starting center fielder in San Francisco.

On this day, President Zaidi said, “Lee Jeong-hoo is a center fielder who plays every day.

Previously, American sports media ‘CBS Sports’ said, “Considering Lee Jung-hoo’s contact and on-base ability

it can be said that he has the ability of a typical number one hitter,” and that Lee Jung-hoo will play as the number one hitter.

It was also predicted that it would be done. The 2024 season San Francisco lineup predicted by ‘CBS Sports’ is Jeong-hoo Lee (center fielder) – Tyro Estrada (second baseman) – Lamonte Wade Jr.

(first baseman) – Wilmer Flores (designated hitter) – Mike Yast Zemsky or Mitch Haniger (right field) – J.D. The batting order is 1st to 9th:

Davis (third baseman) – Michael Conforto or Austin Slatter (left fielder) – Patrick Bailey (catcher) – Marco Luciano (shortstop).

The official Major League Baseball website (, which reported the news of the press conference on this day, said

Lee Jeong-hoo wore orange and black clothes for the first time at the joining press conference held at Oracle Park,” and “Zaydi President Lee Jeong-hoo “I said I expect him to be a center fielder who plays every day

he said. Orange and black are the traditional colors representing the San Francisco team.

Next, ‘’ said, “Lee Jung-hoo is a 25-year-old player who arrived in San Francisco after spending seven brilliant years in the KBO league. “He won the Golden Glove five times, and his career batting average of .340 is the highest among league players with at least 3,000 at-bats,” he said, introducing Lee Jeong-hoo’s achievements in Korea.

On this day, Lee Jung-hoo left a deep impression at his introductory press conference. Above all, it was a moment when his ‘personality’ stood out.

President Zaidi put Lee Jung-hoo in a San Francisco jersey and ‘SF’ We also wore hats with the logo engraved on them.

Then Lee Jeong-hoo asked the reporters, “Handsome?”, making them laugh.

Lee Jeong-hoo, who sat back down wearing a San Francisco jersey and hat, introduced himself in prepared English.

Lee Jeong-hoo, who opened with “Hello Giants, My name is Jung Hoo lee.” said, “I am the ‘grandson of the wind’ from Korea.

He said, “I came here to win.“I will always do my best for my colleagues and fans,” he continued in English.

At the end, he shouted “Let’s go Giants!” loudly, making President Zaidi happy. It was a scene that highlighted his youthful spirit and confidence.

Boras, who heard his comments in English from the seat right next to him, could not hide his happy expression.

Boras did not hide his expectations at this event, saying, “Lee Jung-hoo’s outstanding skill in hitting the ball with the bat will be fully displayed in the major leagues.”

Jeong-hoo Lee knew his new team, San Francisco, very well. On this day, when asked by local reporters, “What are you most looking forward to,” the term “splash hit” was naturally brought up.

Now, Oracle Park, Lee Jung-hoo’s new home stadium, has ‘Splash Hit’. A home run that goes over the right fence at Oracle Park and lands in McCovey Bay is called a ‘splash hit’.

The fence on the right is so high that it is not easy to even get over it.

Therefore, the stadium has the characteristic of being unfavorable for left-handed sluggers.

Lee Jeong-hoo said, “In Korea, I played in a dome stadium, but now it’s great to be able to play in a unique baseball stadium with natural grass.”

In particular, splash hits are the most famous, so I’m looking forward to that,” he said.

When asked, “Do you know anything about the history of San Francisco?” Lee Jeong-hoo also brought up the name of San Francisco legend Willie Mays.

There are so many famous players, but I know Willie Mays well,” said Lee Jeong-hoo.

Mays is a legendary player who played in 3,005 major league games and recorded a batting average of .301, 660 home runs, 1,909 RBIs, and 339 stolen bases. He left behind brilliant achievements such as two MVP awards, 20 All-Star selections, and 12 consecutive Gold Glove awards. 

At the press conference that day, there was also a question

Who was your favorite San Francisco player when you were young?” Lee Jung-hoo responded

He liked Brandon Crawford because he played shortstop when he was young.

Crawford is also a veteran shortstop who only played in San Francisco and recorded a batting average of .250, 146 home runs, 744 RBIs, and 47 stolen bases in 1,654 games.

He performed poorly this year with a batting average of .194, 7 home runs, 38 RBI, and 3 stolen bases in 93 games.

Lee Jung-hoo continued, “The player I remember recently is Buster Posey. “I think Buster Posey is at the center of the World Series wins in 2010, 2012, and 2014,” he said.

Posey was a “one-club man” who only played in San Francisco, hitting .302 in 1,371 games, 158 home runs, 729 RBI, and 23 stolen bases, and was a key member when San Francisco won the World Series in 2010, 2012, and 2014.

He also won the National League MVP in 2012.

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