Its 2R MVP Team’s 6th Consecutive Win Double Victory

KEPCO’s Lim Seong-jin, who is considered the next-generation ace of Korean men’s volleyball

was selected as MVP in the second round and then received a double victory by leading the team to 6 consecutive wins.

In the third set, down by one point at 20-21, Lim Seong-jin blocks Villena’s rearguard attack. 토토사이트

Lim Seong-jin, who tied the score with a decisive block, then took complete responsibility for the team’s left attack.

He scored on all three attacking opportunities, mixing straight and diagonal shots.

At the end, he shook the opponent’s defense with a cannonball-like serve and helped Thais score.

He shared the attack with Thais, who scored 14 points and 18 points

including 4 blocks, and led the way to the team’s 6th consecutive win in 9 years.

Lim Seong-jin, who ranked first in attack success rate and first in receiving in the second round

was double the joy of being selected as MVP in the first round of his debut.

[Lim Seong-jin / KEPCO: All the players and staff of our KEPCO volleyball team worked hard in the second round

so I think I will be selected as the team representative, and since there is a lot of season left

I will work hard while thinking about the remaining season.]

KB Loss Insurance suffered from 12 consecutive losses due to monotonous operations relying on Viyena and recording 22 errors, more than twice as many as KEPCO.

In the women’s division, IBK Industrial Bank achieved a thrilling comeback victory by losing the first and second sets to Cheong Kwan Jang and then winning three sets.

Seungju Pyo scored 21 points

including 7 points in the 5th set, leading to victory.

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