‘Happy field outing with son and daughter’ Woods tied for 5th place at PNC Championship

Choi Jong-il and his son collaborated on 61 shots Langer, 66, wins fifth career title with his son

Tiger Woods on the field with his son Charlie and daughter Sam.

Tiger Woods (USA)’s field outing accompanied by his son Charlie (14) and daughter Sam (16) ended with a happy smile even though he did not end up winning.

Woods and his son Charlie (14) shot 11 under par 61 together in the final second round of the PNC Championship, a family golf tournament held at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club (par 72) in Orlando, USA on the 18th (Korean time).

Woods and his wife, who recorded a final total of 19 under par and 125 strokes, were tied for 5th place, 6 strokes behind Bernhard Langer (Germany) and Jason Buzza, who won with 25 under par and 119 strokes.

Woods, who has participated in this tournament with his son Charlie for four consecutive years, had his daughter Sam serve as his caddy this year, and the smile did not leave his face for two days regardless of his performance.

Woods looked extremely happy as he hugged Sam and Charlie in turn after the final round.

Woods, who returned to the field after 7 months after undergoing ankle surgery last April, is in good health in this tournament, which is his second appearance following the Hero World Challenge earlier this month. It is also a great achievement to show off long hits and sophisticated technical shots one after another.

Unlike the first day, when the shot was good but the putt was disappointing, on this day, Woods and his wife had great chemistry in their shots and green play.

I caught 1 eagle and 9 birdies.

In the 9th hole (par 4), where both Woods and Charlie missed the green, the highlight was the sight of Woods smiling happily as he watched Charlie raise his fist and shake it in celebration after catching a birdie with a chip shot.

This ceremony was Woods’ trademark.

The TV broadcast also showed a scene of Woods shaking his fist after making a chip-in birdie in his prime.

Woods couldn’t hide his big smile, saying, “I can’t believe you’re doing that right in front of my eyes…” and “I guess he was pretty excited.”

Woods commented on the last two tournaments, saying, “Now I can play while walking. I put a lot of effort into recovering. I trained every day. It’s a great achievement. I got rid of the rust and the doubts that came from not hitting the ball for a long time.” did.

Charlie, who has grown taller and larger in size, also showed off his improved skills compared to last year by hitting the ball farther than his father Woods every day.

On this day, Langer and his wife made 13 birdies together, reducing 13 strokes, and won by 2 strokes from David Duvall (USA) and Brady.

Langer, 66 years old, tied for the most wins in this competition (5 times).Previously, Raymond Floyd (USA) and his father had the most wins, winning five times.

Langer, who won the first and second championships in collaboration with his eldest son Stephen, won the last three championships with Jason, an employee at an investment banking company.

Vijay Singh (Fiji) and Kasbah took third place with 22 under par and 122 strokes. 카지노사이트존

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