Club president ‘punches’ referee in face, FIFA furious: “Football killing cancer”

The head of Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)’s referees’ committee has expressed outrage over an assault on a referee in professional soccer in Tunisia.”No referee should ever be assaulted, even if they are in the wrong place,” Colina told the BBC on Wednesday.

The previous day in Turkkiye, Ankara Gaziantep president Faruk Koca, unhappy with a refereeing decision, stormed onto the pitch after the game and punched referee Halil Umut Meler in the face as he watched the refereeing action.Referee Meler was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with an orbital fracture in the left eye area and was placed in a neck brace.”A referee shouldn’t have his car bombed or set on fire just because he awarded a penalty kick,” said Colina. “Fans of the beautiful game have a duty to 온라인카지노 act before the cancer of referee assault kills football.”

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