American media “San Diego, who is downsizing, may trade Kim Ha-seong”

If actually traded, MLB Seoul opening game ‘without Kim Ha-seong’

San Diego Kim Ha-seong

The San Diego Padres of the American professional baseball major league, who are trying to reduce their size, are expected to put Kim Ha-seong (28), who was evaluated as the team’s best fielder in the 2023 season, on the market for a ‘trade offer.’

The American media outlet The Athletic reported on the 17th (Korean time), “San Diego classified infielders Kim Ha-seong and Jake Cronenworth as ‘tradeable players.'”

Reports that Kim Ha-seong could be a trade target have been appearing steadily since the end of the 2023 season.

This report from The Athletic is a little more specific.

The Athletic explained, “San Diego borrowed $50 million last September to solve short-term liquidity problems,” and “there are also plans to lower the total salary based on competitive balance tax to less than $200 million for the 2024 season.”

Ha-seong Kim’s salary in 2024 is $7 million, and Cronenworth’s is $7,285,714.

Sander Bohartz ($25,454,545), Joe Musgrove ($20 million), Manny Machado ($17,099,09), Yu Darvish ($16 million, or more) 2024 annual salary ) is more effective in reducing total salary, but the likelihood of them being traded is not high.Some players have the ‘right to veto trade’.

Ha-seong Kim signed a 4+1 year contract with San Diego in 2021 worth up to $39 million.If there is no intention to remain in the contract with Ha-seong Kim, who will become eligible as a free agent (FA) after the end of the 2024 season, trading Ha-seong Kim before the end of the contract period may be a way to make financial sense for San Diego.

San Diego sent Juan Soto and Trent Grisham to the New York Yankees, reducing their total 2024 salary by more than $30 million.

However, efforts are being made to further reduce consumption.

San Diego has paid the competitive balance tax for three consecutive years.The 2023 Major League competitive balance tax imposition standard was $233 million, and San Diego’s total annual salary was $256 million. 바카라사이트 백링크

The standard for imposing the competitive balance tax in 2024 is $237 million.

The Athletic reported, “San Diego plans to lower the total annual salary in 2024 to less than $200 million.”

The total annual salary of San Diego in 2024 calculated by is $205 million, and the figure calculated by Sportrack is $199,943,678.

By downsizing a little more, San Diego can lower the total annual salary to less than $200 million.

In fact, if Ha-Sung Kim’s trade goes through, Ha-Sung Kim will not be seen in the Major League opening game between San Diego and the Los Angeles Dodgers, which will be held at Gocheok Dome in Seoul on March 20th and 21st next year.

The Athletic also reported, “San Diego also jumped into recruiting Lee Jeong-hoo, but the amount offered by the San Francisco Giants for Lee Jung-hoo exceeded what San Diego could afford to pay.”

Lee Jung-hoo signed a six-year, $113 million contract with San Francisco. 슬롯사이트

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