19 Year Old Special Setter Taejun Han I am the Last Pick

Woori Card, a professional volleyball team, is leading the way, breaking everyone’s expectations.

At the center of it all is Taejun Han, a 19-year-old special setter who is receiving special guidance from the coach.

A quick attack that catches the opponent off guard in a breathtaking game.

“This is the guts of Taejun Han, a second-year setter! See, it was a completely unexpected quick attack!” 토토사이트

Taejun Han is 19 years old, but has a heart as strong as that of a veteran.

“(When you deceive the other person) I think it’s a bit thrilling at that time. How to relieve stress as a setter? Every time the other team can’t keep up, ‘Wow, it’s thrilling’. It was the stage I had dreamed of, but deceiving the other team… That sense of accomplishment?”

Ranked 1st in toss success among setters from 7 teams.

He is surpassing all his seniors, including Korea’s best veteran player Han.

He ranked second in fan voting among setters this season and will participate in his first All-Star game.

[Han Tae-jun/Woori Card]
“I didn’t know he would become an All-Star this quickly… Fans said, “It’s your first time, so go out there.” I guess it feels a bit like that.”

Already the 4th starting setter since taking office,

Han Tae-jun is also special to director Shin Young-cheol.

In training, the nagging doesn’t stop.

“Why the ball… I have to push it in here, why do I keep hitting the ball…? “

“Is this right or not? <That’s not right.> right? Is it okay if I put it here? Right?”

The tutoring session, which continues until recess, ends with refreshing spikes and laughter.

“That’s right! It’s not that simple, like this! If you set it just right.”

They are even changing their role models and nicknames due to the director’s one-hit lectures.

Q. Role model Shin Young-cheol vs. Han Seon-su
“I am coach Shin Young-cheol.”
Q. What kind of setter do you want to be?
“I will use the computer setter. <Director?> I will take over. (I am the coach’s) last pick, and I will be the last pick until the end.”

“You may feel like I’m a baby, but I’m also a professional volleyball player, so I hope you’ll see me as a great setter.”

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