SK coach Jeon Hee-chul, “We didn’t show our full potential”

“We didn’t show our full potential” (SK head coach Jeon Hee-chul)
“Playing with Jeremy Lin, we had a lot of respectful conversations” (Kim Sun-hyung)

The Seoul SK dropped a 72-90 decision to the New Taipei Kings in East Asia Super League (EASL) Group B action on Monday at Xinjiang Gimnazium in New Taipei, Taiwan. The Kings are now 1-2 in the EASL.

SK held the lead until the second quarter. They were able to do so because Jamil Warney (199 cm, C) and Leon Williams (198 cm, C) remained healthy. The Korean players didn’t score much, but Song Chang-yong (192cm, F) helped Warney and Williams.

From the third quarter, however, SK went cold. A lack of stamina was to blame. They couldn’t keep up with New Taipei’s pace.

They also relied too much on Warney. Warney scored 45 points, 62.5% of SK’s total, and was responsible for half of SK’s field goals. It almost felt like they were playing a 1-5 team.

SK head coach Jeon Hee-chul said after the game, “We didn’t show our full potential. It was an away game, and we didn’t understand their tactical changes. We will play better in our home game in Seoul.”

When asked about the enthusiasm for basketball in Taiwan, he said, “It felt like a festival or a party. The crowd enjoyed the game. It was nice to see them become one with the game.” He concluded the interview by saying, “It was like a festival or a party.

Speaking at the press conference with head coach Jeon Hee-chul, Kim said, “I knew Jeremy Lin was a great player. When I played against him, I realized that his younger brother Joseph Lin was also very good. I’m sure the Korean and Taiwanese fans were looking forward to the matchup with Jeremy Lin. It didn’t meet everyone’s expectations. I will quickly improve my physical condition and have a good match in Seoul.”

Kim got into a heated 카지노사이트 exchange with Jeremy Lin (192 cm, G) in a pre-match interview. Jeremy Lin said he didn’t know Kim at all.

“He (Jeremy Lin) said he didn’t mean to do that (disrespect Kim). He apologized before the match. During the game, we had a lot of respectful conversations,” he said.

“I don’t think there’s a difference between a Taiwanese guard and a Japanese guard, but each country has a different style of basketball. Japan plays a lot of system basketball. Taiwanese players utilize more individual skills,” he concluded.

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