A referee who asked a professional volleyball team official to lend him money has been suspended. The Korea Volleyball Federation held a punishment committee meeting at the federation’s conference room in Mapo-gu, Seoul, on Thursday and announced that it has suspended Referee A for requesting a loan from a club official. The federation explained that after receiving a recent report of Referee A’s request to borrow money, it conducted a full investigation of all 14 professional clubs and referees and confirmed that Referee A had asked two club officials to borrow money.

Referee A appeared before the Disciplinary Committee and admitted to the relevant details and his informal contact with the club officials. The Disciplinary Committee determined that Referee A’s behavior was a serious act that could undermine the fairness of the professional league and decided to strictly sanction him to prevent similar violations from occurring again .It said it unanimously imposed discipline on Referee A in accordance with Article 12 (Attitude toward Service), Paragraph 3 of the League’s Referee Regulations, Articles 3 (Maintenance of Dignity), 4 (Prohibited Matters) and Standards for Imposing Sanctions, Fines and Penalties (General), and Violation of Prohibited Matters by Members of the League and Clubs, 슬롯게이밍 No. 5 (Other Acts Impairing Dignity).

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