“Winning comes first. I’ll buy the Rolex with my own money.”

‘Answer Me 1994’ First KS The Captain’s true words “Winning comes first. I’ll buy the Rolex with my own money.”

LG’s Oh Ji-hwan wants to win the Korean Series more than anyone. Of all the players who have worn a Twins uniform since joining LG, Oh has played the longest. He joined the team in 2009 and is looking forward to the Korean Series after 15 years.

The LG players have been training for the Korean Series at LG Champions Park in Icheon since Sept. 19.

“I’m familiar with the place, and I’ve always trained everywhere at this time of year, so it’s just a different feeling now. It’s a little bit special because we’re in the process of building something from a waiting position,” he said.

“I know how I got to this point in my baseball career, both as a team and as an individual, so I don’t really want to miss it, I just want to make sure I’m ready for it,” he said.

With the team going straight to the Korean Series, they have nearly three weeks to prepare. “It’s good. 카지노사이트킴 There was neither complacency nor relaxation, and there were times when we were more frustrated than good in the games after we clinched first place, but fortunately, we had the luxury of being able to play like that because we were first.” “Now, I want us to mix the nervousness we had when we did well, our true selves like when we won the final game, coming back even if we were losing, and the two things that Pil Seung-jo and the center fielders are good at, and I think I’m still thinking about that.”

When asked, “Are you greedy for the Rolex watch that is awarded when an LG player wins the Korean Series MVP,” Oh said, “I get asked that a lot, and I think everybody is, but for me, the first thing is just winning the Korean Series, not the Rolex. I haven’t had the experience that everyone else has, so winning is the first thing. I don’t care who gets it. I’ll buy (the Rolex watch) with my own money. I’ll give it to myself as an expensive gift (if I win),” he said.

“I’ve won a championship in baseball since I was in middle school,” said Oh. He won the 2008 World Youth Baseball Championship in high school and the 2018 Asian Games.

On April 15, LG held its Korean Series kickoff ceremony in front of its home fans after the final game of the regular season against Doosan. As captain, Oh got emotional as he greeted the fans.

“I’ve had three chances to express my feelings (in front of the fans) while winning the regular season. “There are a lot of things I want to say about my first championship, but I was cautious because I thought I might get a little carried away,” he said.

“If we win the overall title, I think I’ll cry too much,” said Oh, who said at the time that he would “have a nice cry after we win four games and win the overall title.”

While his rookie teammates (Heo Kyung-min, Ahn Chi-hong, Kim Sang-soo, and others) all won Korean Series titles, Oh didn’t even get to play in the Korean Series. “Actually, I was the only one who took a little longer. My other friends had been playing fall baseball since they joined the team…and I was envious of them,” he said.

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