The Korean Archery 3 People Advance to Women’s Individual Finals

Korean archery advanced a total of three people to the finals in the men’s and women’s individual competitions at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

In particular, the women’s recurve team, which boasts the world’s strongest players, competed for gold and silver medals.

Korea reached the semifinals of the men’s and women’s recurve and compound individual competitions at the Hangzhou Asian Games at the Puyanginhu Sports Center in Hangzhou, China on the 3rd (Korean time).

As a result, Ansan (22, Gwangju Women’s University) and Im Si-hyeon (20, Korea National Sport University) in the women’s recurve were defeated.

They both advanced to the finals and will face each other in the finals on the 7th.

Korea’s first gold medal in archery at the Hangzhou Asian Games was confirmed in the women’s recurve individual event.

Also, in the semifinals of the women’s compound individual competition held earlier, So Chae-won (26, Mobis) won a ticket to the finals and will challenge for the championship on the 7th.

Unlike the Olympics where only recurve is adopted as an official event, compound events have also been held at the Asian Games since the 2014 Incheon Games.

Recurve refers to a bow that is shot only with muscle power without assistance, while compound refers to a bow that uses mechanical assistance.

Compound is 50m away, recurve is 70m away, and the player shoots an arrow at a distance.

The target diameter is also different, so recurve is 122cm and compound is 80cm.

The 10-point zones are 12.2cm and 8cm, respectively.

The X10 (x10) area, which means ‘perfect 10 points’, is 6.1cm and 4cm, respectively.

Korea struggled quite a bit with a total of 6 players advancing to the semifinals of the 4 events on this day, but in the women’s recurve individual event,

which won 9 individual gold medals at the Olympics, both athletes advanced to the finals, showing off their status as an archery powerhouse.

Ansan, who became the first Korean archer to win three gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics two years ago, and Im Si-hyun, a formidable newcomer who took first place in the qualifying round of this tournament, are the main players in the finals of the women’s recurve individual event at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Both of them completely overcame the challenge of the Chinese players with their home advantage with their skills.

Ansan, the star of women’s archery, defeated Hailigan (China) with a set score of 7-3 in the semifinals.

Ansan is the first Korean archer to win three gold medals in archery by sweeping the women’s individual, women’s team, and mixed teams at the Tokyo Olympics.

Ansan, who took third place in the Asian Games national team selection competition and won her ticket to Hangzhou, also recorded 672 points in the qualifying round of this competition held on the 1st, taking third place after Im Si-hyun and Hailigan.

In the case of Korea, 4 players will be sent to Hangzhou, and among Korean players, the 1st and 2nd places in the qualifying round will compete in the individual and team events, and the 3rd place players will compete in the team event. 카지노사이트랭크

On the other hand, 4th place was dropped, but Ansan took 2nd place in the process and was named to the list of participants in both the women’s individual event and the women’s team event.

However, they do not participate in mixed team competitions in which only one team from one country participates.

Ansan, who defeated Weiqing Natalie (Hong Kong) in the round of 32 the previous day with a set score of 7-1, comfortably defeated Bhajan Kaur (India) with a set score of 7-3 in the round of 16 and advanced to the quarterfinals on the 3rd.

In the quarterfinals, she defeated Dyananda Choirunisa with a set score of 7-3 to advance to the semifinals.

The semifinals was a match that drew a lot of excitement, as it was a match between archers from all over Asia and the world. From the first set, both players hit all 3 shots for 10 points, resulting in a draw at 30-30, making the set score 1-1.

However, Hailigan faltered in the second set, and Ansan won a complete victory with 28-25.

The third set was tied 28-28, and Ansan entered the fourth set with a set score of 4-2.

The fourth set was also tied at 28-28, making the set score 5-3. Ansan’s second shot was initially judged to be 9 points, but was later corrected to 10 points. In the 5th set, the joys and sorrows of the two were divided.

As Ansan scored 30 points, Heiligan took the last shot, scoring 6 points. Ansan won a complete victory.

In the semi-finals of another women’s recurve individual event held earlier, rookie Im Si-hyun, who passed the qualifying round in first place, won with a set score of 6-5 after a fierce battle that led to a shoot-off with Rizemann (China).

Im Si-hyun shot 9, 9, and 10 points in the first set, but Rizemann scored 9 and then 10 points in a row, falling behind with a set score of 0-2.

However, in the second set, he hit all three shots for 10 points and scored 30 points, completely beating Rizemann, who only scored 27 points, and made the set score 2-2.

Im Si-hyun seemed to have found his senses through the second set, but Risemann was also tight. The 3rd set was tied 29-29, making the set score 3-3, and the 4th set was also tight, with Im Si-hyun finishing with 8 points with his second arrow, but Rizemann also hit 8 points with his third and final arrow, making the set score 4-4. We have entered the final 5 sets.

The 5th set ultimately ended in a tie. Im Si-hyeon scored both of his first two shots at 10 points and then shot his last shot at 8 points, but Rizeman also scored 9 points, 10 points, and 9 points to tie the game at 28-28.

With the set score at 5-5, the game went into a shoot-off where the game was decided by just one shot.

In the shoot-off, where the winner is determined by who can shoot closer to the center of the target, Im Si-hyeon won by putting an arrow into the ‘Exten’, a smaller circle within the 10-point target. A shaken Rizemann scored only 9 points.

In Korea, So Chae-won also succeeded in advancing to the finals in the women’s compound individual event.

So Chae-won defeated Zilli Jati Padli (Indonesia) 145-142 in the semifinals to advance to the final and secure her silver medal.

On the same day, So Chae-won, who defeated Iran’s Vibordi 148-144 in the quarterfinals, succeeded in exacting revenge against Fadli, who defeated Oh Yu-hyun in the semifinals.

Compound determines the winner through a combined points system rather than a set system, and So Chae-won was ahead by 3 points in the first set, 30-27, which ultimately affected her progression to the finals.

However, in the men’s division, all three players were eliminated in the recurve and compound semifinals and were sent down to the 3rd and 4th place match.

Lee Woo-seok (26, Kolon), who advanced to the men’s recurve semifinals, defeated Qi Xiang-shuo (China) with a set score of 5-6 (28-28 28-29 29-26 30-27 27-28 9-10) after a close match that led to a shoot-off. lost the comeback.

Lee Woo-seok, who tied the first set 28-28 to make the set score 1-1, lost 28-29 in the second set due to the power of Qi Xiangshuo, who scored 10 points in the last two shots in a row.

However, Qi Xiangshuo, who scored 7 points with her second arrow in the 3rd set, took advantage of the shakiness to win 29-26 and tie the set score at 3-3.

Lee Woo-seok, who hit all three shots out of 10 in the fourth set to make the set score 5-3, lost again 28-29 in the fifth set, allowing the set score to be 5-5 and shooting only one shot to enter the shoot-off to determine the winner. rushed in.

Lee Woo-seok shot the arrow first and hit 9 points.

Qi Xiangshuo, who then aimed at the target, scored 10 points and cheered.

Korea’s eldest brother, Oh Jin-hyuk, was shockingly eliminated in the round of 16 the day before, and Lee Woo-seok was also pushed to the 3rd and 4th place match, thus losing the gold medal.

In the men’s compound, Joo Jae-hoon (31, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power) and Yang Jae-won (26, Armed Forces Athletic Corps) both advanced to the semifinals and aimed for the gold medal, but both failed to advance to the finals due to the storm of Indian archery.

Joo Jae-hoon lost to Verma Abhishek 145-147. It was a big deal that they fell behind Abhishek, who scored 9 points on all 3 shots in the second set and scored a perfect 30 points.

Jaewon Yang lost to Deotale Ojas Praveen 146-150. There was no way to beat Praveen, who shot all 15 shots with a perfect score of 10.

Korean archery, which has completed all of the individual semifinals, will now enter the gold medal race starting on the 4th.

The recurve and compound mixed team events will be held on the 4th, the recurve and compound women’s team events will be held on the 5th, and the two-event men’s team event will be held on the 6th.

On the 7th, Ansan, Im Si-hyun, and So Chae-won will compete for the championship in the women’s recurve and compound individual competitions.

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