Yubin Jang Probably the First to Win two Games in a Row Asian Games Group Gold is the Goal.

National team member Jang Yu-bin, who won the Gunsan CC Open last week after a dramatic overtime

is taking the lead for the second day at the LX Championship and is making a big hit.

Jang Yu-bin hit 65 strokes with 7 birdies and no bogeys in the second round on the second day of the tournament held at The Heaven CC (par 72) on Daebudo, Ansan-si

Gyeonggi-do on the 1st. Jang Yu-bin, who hit a no-bogey 4 under par on the first day

was tied for the lead with 11 under par with the morning group finished.

The two players who played no bogeys for two days in a row were Jang Yu-bin and Choi Jin-ho (10 under).

Jang Yu-bin, in particular, has a long hitting power of close to 330 yards

so in difficult holes, she used a 2-iron or 3-wood tee shot to reduce her score by using a strategy of keeping the fairway. The 2-iron 온라인섯다

which travels an average of 250m, goes far and straight enough that Jang Yu-bin herself calls it ‘my main weapon.’

After the game, Jang Yu-bin said, “I came back after winning last week and I am happy that I got a good score.

He is calming down his excitement,” he said.

As I continue to experience difficult courses by playing in the first division tour several times

I think I am developing the skills to overcome crisis situations.”

When asked how many times she caught the driver, Yubin Jang said

I caught it 6 times today. 

This course has a narrow landing point for my driver, and if it goes into the rough, it is not easy to escape. So I often did it with a 2-iron or wood,” she said. 

What she means is that her strategy of stably maintaining the fairway even if there was a lot of distance left for her second shot seemed to have been effective.

Jang Yu-bin said

I used a utility or 2-iron with a steel shaft, but when I changed the shaft to a graphite iron and hit it, the distance was good and went as expected.

I usually see 250m from the tee and 235 to 240m from the fairway,” she said.

When Jang Yu-bin was asked if she was close to winning for the second week in a row, she said

I’m happy that I won last week, but I’m not usually the type to get excited.

I have no desire to win this competition at all. The most desired goal right now is a gold medal in the team event at the Asian Games.

I will aim for the gold medal in the individual competition

so I will play well and I don’t think it will interfere with the Korean team’s performance,” she said humbly.

Jang Yu-bin plans to prepare for the Asian Games by competing in the Shinhan Donghae Open and the Biz Play Tournament after this tournament and then training her strength.

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