“We can’t settle for an unemployed team”

Developing junior players at Orion Tennis
“Korean players should have the attitude to challenge”

Lee Hyung-taek, 47, 섯다 head coach of the Orion Tennis Team, emphasized that it is important for Korean tennis to set long-term goals and invest in order to produce global stars.

“Making a one-time investment will help, but we need to continue to invest with a long-term goal of at least 10 years to produce world-class players,” Lee said at a press conference at the Jangchung Tennis Center in Jung-gu, Seoul. “Recently, good players have been coming out of China. The investment we made in time for the 2008 Beijing Olympics is now paying off.”

During his playing days, Lee was a “pioneer” of Korean tennis. 온라인섯다 He was the first South Korean coach to reach the round of 16 at a major tournament held four times a year. Lee reached the round of 16 in the men’s singles at the US Open in 2000 and 2007.

Lee also held the record for the highest world ranking by a South Korean player until Chung Hyun came along. He was ranked as high as No. 36 during his career.

Since retiring from the game, Lee has become a popular TV personality and YouTube personality, and has been working to develop junior players as the head coach of the Orion Tennis Team, which he founded in July last year. Currently, Kim Jang-jun, ranked 46th in the ITF junior world rankings, as well as Jung Yeon-yeon and Kim Dong-min, are members of the Orion Tennis Team.

“I took on the role of head coach because I had the idea that Orion should develop young players,” Lee said. “Tennis requires long-term investment, so I’m also talking about discovering and investing in players from elementary school.”

Tennis has become very popular as a sport in Korea. Some courts are very difficult to find.

Lee emphasized that for tennis to continue to grow in popularity, players like Kwon Soon-woo (No. 104-Dangjin City Hall), who is currently performing consistently on the men’s ATP tour, must continue to emerge.

“There are limits to the popularity of the sport. “We need four or five players like Kwon Soon-woo to establish themselves like golf,” he said, adding, “Our goal is to produce such players at Orion.

According to Lee, 카지노사이트랭크 domestic players must be willing to take on challenges so that players like Kwon Soon-woo can continue to emerge.

“Kwon Soon-woo”

Is still young at 26 years old and will lead Korean tennis for the next five years or more, but there has to be someone to follow him,” Lee said. “In Korea, we have a lot of unemployed teams and players are paid salaries and salaries. They should be challenging, but it’s a complacent environment. I think there are difficulties because of the overall structure.”

“Overseas players try to improve their rankings by playing tour tournaments when they can afford it, but in Korea, there are fewer players who challenge themselves. The focus is on the provincial and national tournaments,” he said. “I think if we challenge more, more players will be able to qualify for major tournaments. Players should have the attitude to challenge themselves.”

Lee’s goal is to develop players who can play in major tournaments by passing on the know-how from Orion Tennis and allowing them to continue to gain international experience.

“I would like to see players developed by Orion wearing the Orion logo on the center court of major tournaments,”

Lee said, adding, “We currently only have men’s players, 고스톱 but we need to expand to women.”

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