“Teamwork before individuals” First Championship with solid teamwork

“It’s a great feeling to win my first tournament.”

Pohang Angels head coach Park Jae-hyun, who led his team to victory in the high school division of the 2023 Soyang Gangbae National Youth Ice Hockey Tournament, was invited to the tournament for the first time after always wanting to compete in it.

“I’ve participated in many national tournaments, but I’ve never won a championship,” Park said, citing “organization” as the secret to their victory.

“We don’t usually train a lot, but we’ve been practicing tactical moves since we were young and gained practical experience in the tournament,” he said.

“We were able to win the championship by ordering the kids to play the way they always do.”

In conclusion, Coach Park said, “Thank you for coming from far away and playing hard, and I will guide them to become a strong team that prioritizes teamwork rather than individuals.”

“I hope they will have confidence in many competitions in the second half of the year based on this victory.” 안전카지노사이트

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