“Off-the-shelf sexual assault”

claims “insufficient evidence” 2 juniors cleared of defamation

Professional soccer FC Seoul captain Ki Sung-yueng, who has been accused of sexually

assaulting a junior member of the soccer team when he was in elementary school, 성인웹툰

appears at the Seocho Police Station in Seoul for an interrogation with the accuser on

Sunday afternoon. In February, two women, A and B, disclosed that they were sexually

assaulted by Ki and B, who were seniors, from January to June 2000 when they were members

of the soccer team at an elementary school in Jeonnam. In March, Ki filed a police complaint against them for defamation and other charges.

Two juniors who were sued for defamation by soccer player Ki Sung-yong (34) for claiming

that they were sexually assaulted while in elementary school were acquitted. However, 일본야동 police said they found no evidence of the sexual assault claimed by the two juniors.

The Seocho Police Station in Seoul announced on the 17th that it had dismissed the defamation case of A and B, two juniors at Mr. Ki’s elementary school, without charge due to insufficient evidence.

Earlier, A and B claimed that they were sexually assaulted by Ki, who was a senior member of the soccer team, in February 2021 while attending elementary school. In March of that year, Mr. Ki filed a complaint against them with the Seocho Police Station in Seoul, accusing them of defamation by false and untimely statements.

In response, a police official said, “We have not confirmed or found sufficient evidence to prove falsehood.”

The police also investigated Mr. A’s and Mr. B’s claims of sexual assault, 한국야동 but did not find or confirm sufficient evidence, they added.

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