Gangwon Province’s first physical fitness certification center opens in Hongcheon

The first physical fitness certification center in the Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province will be operated in Hongcheon on the 1st.

The Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province Sports Council for the Disabled announced that the province’s first National Sports Center for the Disabled will be fully operational from this day, allowing anyone with a disability living in the province to receive quality services such as free customized exercise prescriptions, door-to-door measurements, and connection to daily sports programs.

The Hongcheon National Sports Center for the Disabled (2nd floor), which provides customized exercise prescriptions and physical fitness classes for each type of disability, is equipped with physical fitness measurement equipment for each type of disability and plans to have qualified operational personnel (two health and exercise managers and two physical fitness measurers) in related fields.

In particular, it is located in the center of Yeongdong and Yeongseo in the province, making it easy to access, and is expected to contribute significantly to the expansion of participation in physical education activities by providing travel measurement services by region.

Kim Mi-sook, secretary-general of the Provincial Sports Council for the Disabled, said, “We will actively support the first physical fitness certification center in the province to help people with disabilities manage their health and participate in physical activities.” 토토사이트

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